“Discover the highly anticipated pirate game Skull and Bones as Ubisoft unveils a comprehensive Year 1 road map. Get ready to embark on exciting adventures as you navigate treacherous waters, engage in thrilling ship battles, and conquer the open seas. Take control of your own pirate ship, customize it to suit your play style, and explore a captivating world filled with danger and hidden treasures. With the release of the Year 1 road map, Ubisoft provides players with a glimpse into the future, outlining exciting updates, expansions, and new content to enhance the endgame experience. Join the pirate fraternity and set sail towards a thrilling journey in Skull and Bones.”

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones has released a roadmap for the title’s first year and what players can expect in the endgame. The long-awaited pirate game finally got a launch date during the Game Awards 2023 ceremony and is scheduled to launch on February 13 for players subscribed to Ubisoft+ and on February 16 for everyone else.

The game was revealed at E3 2017 with an expected fall 2018 release and was seemingly inspired by the ship battles from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. However, Skull and Bones was postponed for several years following a rocky development cycle, including rebooting the project and even losing three creative directors, including Elisabeth Pellen, who left the Ubisoft Singapore team last September. Considering the number of delays, some fans believe that Skull and Bones must make an impact at launch if it is to survive in the long term.

With less than a month to go, Ubisoft has released a YouTube trailer detailing a content roadmap of what players can expect from the game in the first year of release. The game’s first year, titled Rise of the Kingpins, will be divided into four seasons that will last for 12 weeks. Each season, players must engage in a number of activities like Legendary Heists, world events, and takeover opportunities to build their power and carefully customize their ship in Skull and Bones to challenge a fearsome Pirate Lord and take them down. According to Ubisoft, there will be a number of items that players can earn each season, such as new ships, weapons, and cosmetics.

Ubisoft's Year 1 Content Map

Ubisoft also promises a more dangerous endgame with higher stakes that involves becoming fierce rivals with once-allied Kingpins. In addition, players can form groups of three and tackle the leaderboards to earn rewards, which will reset every season. Skull and Bones will also have several time-limited events throughout the game’s first year, like a Dragon Boat race in the second season, where players will have to work with others in community events to earn loot. Ubisoft also plans to add several quality-of-life features, with two major ones being scheduled for release during the third and fourth seasons.

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