In 2023, Xbox Game Pass, a popular gaming service, receives a significant update for one of its highly acclaimed titles. This update not only introduces exciting free content offerings but also addresses multiple bugs and enhances gameplay experience. Stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and enjoy a seamless gaming experience with this highly anticipated Xbox Game Pass update in 2023.

Hi-Fi Rush, one of Xbox Game Pass' biggest hits during 2023, received a new update on Thursday, January 25. Hi-Fi Rush's recent update gives users new cosmetics, fixes various bugs, and improves controller support for PC players.

In January 2023, Hi-Fi Rush was shadow dropped on the day of its surprise announcement at Xbox's Developer Direct conference. The unorthodox strategy turned out to be effective, as Hi-Fi Rush quickly became a viral hit and impressed fans with its unique, rhythm-based gameplay. Since then, Hi-Fi Rush released six updates that added cosmetics, bug fixes, a Photo Mode, the Arcade challenge, and quality-of-life improvements. Its seventh update implemented similar content.

Hi-Fi Rush released its Update 7 on the game's first anniversary, January 25. To celebrate, Update 7 added the Anniversary T-Shirt Bundle, which is available to all users. The bundle includes four new shirts that can be equipped to Chai, as well as a platform-specific shirt for Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games Store users. The update also expanded controller support for PC users by adding additional icons. Additionally, Hi-Fi Rush's Update 7 added various bug fixes, which addressed issues like cutscene textures not loading properly, certain parts of the Wall of Fame not unlocking correctly, a Directional Parrying glitch, and more.

New Additions With Hi-Fi Rush's Update 7

Hi-Fi Rush did not mention when fans can expect the game's next patch, but seeing that the tempo of updates has steadily slowed since release, it could be a couple months or more until fans see additional content or bug fixes. However, this is just speculation. In more exciting news, Hi-Fi Rush is rumored to be released on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

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