Jakub Rokosz, the Project Lead for The Witcher Remake, provides a clear understanding of the team’s approach towards evaluating and improving outdated elements within the game.

The Witcher Remake will be taking an honest look at the original game from 2007, and will improve on the features that feel outdated, bad, and unnecessarily convoluted. When it was originally announced in October 2022, The Witcher fans were excited about getting a more modern take on the cult classic that started CD Projekt Red's rise to prominence. Though "eurojank" has its charms, and there's a lot to appreciate about The Witcher, even the Enhanced Edition started to show its technical limitations well before 2024.

While the teams at CD Projekt Red are busy developing the next entry in The Witcher franchise, as well as creating the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher Remake is led by Fool's Theory, a studio of CD Projekt Red veterans. Its CEO, Jakub Rokosz, worked on the final two games of Geralt's trilogy, and expressed regret that he never got to work on the first one. While Rokosz hopes to give The Witcher Remake the respect it deserves, it's also an opportunity for him to complete his portfolio of The Witcher saga.

The Witcher Remake Won't Shy Away From Making Bold Changes

As reported on GamesRadar via an interview with Edge, Jakub Rokosz claimed that the developers would evaluate all aspects of the original Witcher, and strongly implied that not every feature would make the cut. While it's easy to assume that the problematic "sex cards" obtained from Geralt's romantic escapades would undoubtedly end up on the cutting room floor, the timing-based combat from The Witcher is also something that fans are hoping gets modernized in the remake.

In the interview, Jakub Rokosz stated that "first and foremost, we need an honest, down-to-earth analysis of which parts are simply bad, outdated, and need to be remade." However, he also made sure to mention that their project would "highlight the parts that are great, should be retained, or are direct key pillars that can't be discarded," implying that the grim atmosphere and story of The Witcher would be preserved.

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