In version 4.4 of Genshin Impact, players can expect the exciting announcement of rerun characters and weapons that will be making a comeback. This official revelation from the game developers showcases the availability of these sought-after characters and weapons in the second phase of version 4.4. Prepare to claim and enjoy the returning favorites in Genshin Impact’s latest update.

Genshin Impact has confirmed that Xinyan, Xiao, Yaoyao, Yae Miko, and Ningguang will receive their own rerun banners in the second part of version 4.4. In the latest livestream, Genshin Impact announced characters for the first phase of 4.4, confirming that Xianyun and Gaming will get their limited banner along with Faruzan, Noelle, and Nahida. Also, it was revealed that these units' signature weapons will be featured in the event-exclusive banner for a couple of weeks.

Genshin Impact is a gacha-based RPG that features a variety of PvE content, including the Spiral Abyss and companion missions. It allows players to explore numerous sub-regions littered with different types of enemies and interesting NPCs. As Genshin Impact receives constant updates, players gain access to new activities, such as events that may involve combat challenges.

As confirmed by the developers, Genshin Impact will give a roster of characters, including Xiao, Ningguan, Xinyan, Yaoyao, and Yae Miko, their rerun banners in the second phase of 4.4, which is set for launch next month. This limited-time event wish will take place between February 20 and March 12, and these featured characters will have a boosted drop chance. As is the case with reruns, they won't be added to Genshin Impact's permanent banner following the conclusion of the event.

Genshin Impact 4.4 Second Phase Characters

Besides rerun characters, the second part of Genshin Impact version 4.4 will offer several weapons, such as Kagura's Verity (Catalyst), Lithic Blade (Claymore), Lion's Roar (Sword), Favonius Lance (Polearm), The Stringless (Bow), The Widsith (Catalyst) and the five-star Polearm Primordial Jade Windged-Spear. As usual, players will have three weeks to pull them from the event banner.

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