Get your body ready for the "Optimal Carb Experience" and the "next generation" of toasting.

Following the Xbox mini-fridge comes yet another official Xbox appliance: the Xbox Series S Toaster. This very real product aims to offer its user the “Optimal Carb Experience” with a number of nice-sounding features.

The two-slice toaster is designed to look like an Xbox Series S, and as a neat touch, it also imprints the Xbox sphere logo on your bread product. “It’s the next generation toasting console,” Microsoft said.

The toaster also has a “shade selector dial” that allows users to toast their goodies to their liking. What’s more, the toaster has multiple profiles, so family members or roommates can quickly toast their bread to whatever level of toastiness they want each time without dialing in the settings again. It also has a “countdown timer” so you know when your bread product is done and ready.

“No more breakfast-induced jump scares or trying to spread butter on bread that’s already gone cold because you were trying to find a good save point,” Microsoft said.

The Xbox Series S toaster also has an “anti-jam function” so you hopefully won’t need to dangerously stick a fork in there, as well as a removable crumb tray for cleanup. The toaster also has a defrost button so you can pop frozen bread directly into it.

The toaster is 15″ wide, 7.6″ tall, and 4.6″ deep, so it’s pretty big, but not huge. Walmart is selling the Xbox toaster for $40.

The official Xbox mini-fridge left a lot to be desired, so fans are no doubt hoping that the toaster offers an improved culinary experience. The reason any of this is happening is seemingly because, when the Series X was announced, fans rightly joked that it looked like a refrigerator. Microsoft embraced the memes and even created a full-size Xbox fridge for Snoop Dogg before it unveiled the mini-fridge.

By marcela Diay

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