From our na'viewpoint, it's the ultimate Avatar collectible.

If you’ve ever wanted to transform a corner of your home into a shrine dedicated to your favorite Avatar character, then you’re going to need to spend at least $5,850 on that project. Infinity Studio has unveiled its latest collectible, a life-size and incredibly realistic bust of Zoe Saldana’s character Neytiri.

Because it’s a 1:1 scale replica, it’s naturally a very big recreation of the Na’vi warrior and it’s constructed from several materials to make it look and feel life-like. Similar to its other busts, this Neytiri collectible has platinum silicone for its blue flesh, polystone materials for other elements, and fabric for some of Neytiri’s clothing.

The full bust hides Neytiri in some local vegetation and even features bioluminescent markings on her skin that’ll glow once you turn the lights off. There’s also a more affordable bust of Neytiri–relatively speaking in collector circles–being offered by Infinity Studio, but this $2,850 version has a very basic base to justify the $3,000 price difference.

Only 199 of these busts will be produced, similar to the studio’s other limited run of busts like Harley Quinn or the Witch King of Ang-Mar from The Lord of the Rings. If $5,850 is too rich for your blood, you can grab last year’s Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora for a fun Na’video game tour of the alien planet, for $70.

In Avatar film news, star Sam Worthington has teased that the sequels will be even bigger. Avatar 3 is already in post-production as its December 2025 release date draws closer and the live-action scenes for 2029’s Avatar 4 have been completed.

By amaris stark

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