A new Steam game features two main characters that greatly resemble the protagonists of AMC’s award-winning show Breaking Bad.


The Brilliant Coup is a new indie game by solo developer Markus Creative Premiering on Steam.

The game features a young protagonist planning a bank robbery and embarking on a life of crime with an older friend, reminiscent of Breaking Bad.

The game offers classic point-and-click gameplay with multiple locations, NPCs, and alternative endings. It is slated to launch in 2024.

The Brilliant Coup is a new indie game by solo developer Markus Creative premiering on the Steam platform. The indie title features a young protagonist who plans to rob a bank by helping out their older friend, embarking on a life of crime. While the concept is an original creation, the two main characters of The Brilliant Coup strangely resemble the protagonists from AMC's hit show Breaking Bad.

Markus Creative revealed The Brilliant Coup, a 2D-pixel art video game that plays out like a classic point-and-click adventure. Players assume the role of Matt, an unemployed young man living in 1987 England who's been offered a job for a heist by his "fatherly friend" Uncle Briggs. The job is to steal the Arctic Star brilliant from the heavily guarded Trustman Bank. As such, Matt accepts the offer, introducing players to the stakes that The Brilliant Coup is setting up.

Matt and Briggs Resemble Jesse Pinkman and Walter White

For a greater context, The Brilliant Coup's official trailer showcases the gameplay and characters with which players can familiarize themselves. Throughout the footage, point-and-click mechanics are demonstrated, with Matt as the primary character, and cutscenes are used to understand Matt and Briggs better. However, with their outfits alone, Matt's sweater, beanie combo, and Briggs's professional demeanor combined with a top hat and glasses give off serious Breaking Bad vibes. Matt resembles a variant of Jesse Pinkman, while Briggs looks like Walter White walking around in a suit and tie. The Brilliant Coup's storyline is completely different from that of the Breaking Bad television show, though the resemblance between the characters is uncanny.

The Brilliant Coup aims to be a classic point-and-click game, as detailed in the trailer. The presentation has a simple approach, with the features outlined on the game's Steam page. These include the following features:

30 Locations

25 NPCs – all animated

100,000 Words

3 Alternative Endings

Funny Multiple Choice Dialogs

English and German Versions

Different Loot

100 Items

The point-and-click features come from Markus Creative, a solo video game developer. The gameplay feels inspired by Thimbleweed Park, which Markus Creative has referenced in their Twitter posts about The Brilliant Coup. It's safe to assume that The Brilliant Coup may be their first published video game on Steam, with no other recorded game to reference Markus Creative.

Interested players can wishlist and check out The Brilliant Coup now on Steam, which has a 2024 release date. No specific window has been announced, though Markus Creative continually updates the game's Twitter account with images from in-game and behind the scenes. They also interact with users online who have further questions about The Brilliant Coup and its development.

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