A brand-new Stardew Valley player learns the hard way exactly how the farm’s shipping bin works in the game.


Stardew Valley players should avoid mistaking the shipping bin for a chest, as it is used to sell items for gold instead of storing them.

New players may make mistakes while learning the ropes of the game, but it's possible to bounce back from them.

Stardew Valley Update 1.6 is anticipated to bring more content to the game, but its release date is currently unknown.

An unlucky Stardew Valley player learned about the game's shipping bin the hard way. Stardew Valley is a massively popular life sim that can be credited with inspiring countless copycats and popularizing the "cozy game" concept. Even though it first released all the way back in 2016, there are still those discovering Stardew Valley for the first time in 2024.

There are many Stardew Valley players with ridiculous playtimes, but there are also those that are new to the game and have just gotten started farming, restoring the Community Center, and discovering the stories behind all the game's memorable townsfolk. There is a lot to discover in Stardew Valley, and so it's not uncommon for new players to make mistakes while trying to learn the ropes.

This is what happened with Reddit user thebruntwaffle, who recently asked for help on the Stardew Valley subreddit. They mistook the shipping bin at their farm for a chest, throwing items into it with the expectation that they would be able to get them back. Unfortunately, the shipping bin in Stardew Valley doesn't work like that; players can take back the last time they added to it, but everything else is forfeit. The post went viral, amassing 12,000 upvotes and a ton of comments offering a mix of helpful advice and jokes about the unfortunate predicament.

The purpose of the Stardew Valley shipping bin isn't to store items, but rather to sell things in exchange for gold. The Stardew Valley shipping bin is hugely important for those hoping to progress their game, as it's the primary way to sell crops and other items that players collect each day. It's easy to see how one could mistake it for a chest considering what it looks like, but unfortunately, all the items that thebruntwaffle added are gone forever. The bright side is that it's unlikely that they were particularly far in the game, and it shouldn't be too hard to bounce back.

There's definitely a lot to learn when it comes to Stardew Valley, and soon players will have even more to keep in mind while playing the game. ConcernedApe is working on Stardew Valley Update 1.6, which will be adding even more content to the already expansive game. A release date for Stardew Valley Update 1.6 hasn't been announced just yet, but fans are hoping to get their hands on it later this year.

Stardew Valley is a hit Indie release that spawned a cult following thanks to its similarities to titles like Harvest Moon and The Sims. Players will take control of their own characters as they are dropped into the eponymous Stardew Valley and given an old dilapidated farm. They'll cultivate new crops and relationships with the NPCs scattered around the area, as well as combat monsters and embark on other quests.

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