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Persona 3 Reload already has a solid start on Steam, as it broke through the franchise's concurrent player count record on the PC gaming platform. Persona 3 Reload is a remake of the original 2006 JRPG, adding a number of quality-of-life tweaks, redone visuals, as well as updated mechanics to bring it in line with other games like Persona 5. While one of Persona 3's re-releases, Persona 3 Portable, got ported to multiple platforms last year, the remake's announcement caught gamers' attention rather quickly.As a result, Persona 3 Reload became one of 2024's most highly anticipated releases, with longtime fans being excited about re-experiencing the game with a fresh look, while newer fans were looking to jump into the series for the first time. While prior PC ports of mainline Persona games on Steam were successful, Persona 3 Reload manages to surpass the franchise's last peak concurrent player count on Steam.

This is based on a recent chart cataloged on SteamDB, a database that has statistics on the latest games sold on the Steam platform, including concurrent player counts. This chart shows that Persona 3 Reload managed to reach over 42,000 players a couple of hours after its launch. This high number is likely due to Persona 3 Reload launching globally on all platforms right out the gate, unlike the prior mainline games like Persona 4 Golden or Persona 5 Royal, which were ported to other platforms or brought to the PC after a few years of exclusivity.

Despite the games being brought to the Steam platform much later after their original launch, both Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden held impressive concurrent player counts during their launches before being supplanted by Persona 3 Reload. For reference, Persona 4 Golden had an all-time peak of nearly 30,000 players right as the game launched in 2020. This was later surpassed by Persona 5 Royal when it was brought onto Steam two years later, having a peak player count of a little over 35,000 players.

Persona Franchise Concurrent Player Peak Records

While the momentum behind Reload is already pretty strong, it's rumored that Atlus isn't slowing down on it. Recent leaks suggest that Persona 3 Reload's post-launch DLC will include The Answer playable epilogue from Persona 3 FES. Other DLC allegedly being worked on are cosmetic and music packs, with plans to release this content during Atlus' 2025 fiscal year. Outside this rumor, Persona 3 Reload has also managed to do very well critically, with fans and critics praising the changes made and how the story was refined with the remake.

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