A Minecraft player shares a clever idea with the community on how to make pizza in the game, encouraging others to give it a try.


A Minecraft player showed a creative approach to making pizza using frogspawn and glowing item frames.

The community praised the idea but some question the grossness of frogspawn pizza.

Other players offered alternative methods and insights for pizza creation in Minecraft.

A creative Minecraft player has come up with a clever idea to make pizza in the game using frogspawn. Their innovation was shared within the Minecraft community.

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to explore a blocky, procedurally-generated world and build various structures with textured cubes. The game's creative power lies in its open-ended design, enabling players to craft and manipulate the environment using a variety of materials, fostering creativity and imaginative constructions.

A Minecraft player called Virtual_Struggle introduced an interesting approach to crafting pizza to the Reddit community. Virtual_Struggle's method involves using glowing item frames to represent the cheese, while frogspawn is utilized to simulate olives, providing that extra touch to make it look like an actual pizza. The player also constructed an oven. The community applauded the creativity, with numerous players expressing gratitude for yet another idea to make pizza in Minecraft.

Despite the visual appeal, some comments highlight the questionable nature of frogspawn pizza. Some players question the size of the “olives,” while others simply said that Virtual_Struggle’s creation is the world's grossest pizza, adding a humorous touch to the discussion. Frogspawn resembles clusters of eggs suspended in water and contributes to the visual aesthetic of swampy areas in the game. However, it's important to note that frogspawn doesn't have any functional purpose, and players primarily use it for decorative landscaping or thematic builds in the game, just like Virtual_Struggle did.

Frogspawn in Minecraft can be found near frogs in Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes. However, another player explained how to try getting frogspawn in Minecraft survival mode, suggesting placing stairs and slabs under existing frogspawn, making sure they are waterlogged. They proposed putting item frames on top of the stairs, creating a spot for frogs to lay eggs. By placing a water source nearby, it might encourage the frogs to lay eggs there. However, players should keep in mind that if this method works, the eggs will eventually hatch, so the arrangement won't last for an extended period.

Some other players shared additional insights for pizza creation. One player suggested alternative methods; using seeds for veggies, melon seeds for olives, and pumpkin seeds for extra cheese. Minecraft's enduring popularity is driven by the freedom it provides for players to shape their virtual realms and come up with these kinds of clever ideas.

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