Fortnite unveils a forthcoming update for its Creative mode, addressing concerns over offensive content found in certain maps.

Fortnite announced that additional in-game reporting options for Creative maps will be added soon. Recently, Fortnite caught plenty of flak for some of its user-made Creative maps featuring racist, AI-generated art.

Fortnite's Creative mode includes an impressive tool that allows users to create entirely new games within Fortnite. For the most part, Fortnite's Creative mode has been a hit and has played a significant role in the game's enduring popularity. Players who have grown tired of mainline Fortnite modes, such as Battle Royale or LEGO Fortnite, can instead jump into a massive selection of user-created maps. However, the freedom that the game gives to its Creative users has backfired in some ways, as Fortnite recently removed over 100 Creative maps that featured racist content. It seems that Fortnite will continue to clamp down on this troublesome behavior.

The official Twitter account for Fortnite's Creative mode, FNCreate, issued a statement in response to recent criticism over this issue. It explained that new in-game reporting options will be added soon, which will hopefully help its moderation team track down violators more quickly. The official Twitter account also explained how troublesome levels can slip through the initial phase of review, which is due to its moderation team assuming that map creators have good intentions, leading moderators to sometimes be too lenient when deciding whether to ban a map or not. FNCreate claims that once maps are reported, the levels are re-evaluated and properly handled, and the moderation team's training materials are regularly updated to help prevent these issues.

What Change is Being Made to Fortnite Creative?

Offensive maps have become a significant issue in Fortnite's Creative mode over recent months, so hopefully these changes reflect an improved approach from its moderation team. Despite these issues, Creative mode can still be an enjoyable time with friends, with many impressive Fortnite Creative maps to play with others.

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