Introducing the highly-anticipated addition to the Fortnite Festival lineup – a brand new guitar controller reminiscent of the beloved note-matching music games from the 2010s. This exciting development is set to launch later this year, promising an immersive experience that channels the energy of Rock Band. Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar and conquer the virtual stage in Fortnite Festival’s latest innovation. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling announcement!

Third-party peripheral maker PDP has just unveiled its new guitar controller, which can be used in music games like Fortnite Festival. These types of controllers used to be extremely popular during the heyday of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as they allowed players to feel like superstar musicians as they pressed different colored buttons in time with falling notes onscreen. However, both these franchises would fade into the background in later years, and the guitar-shaped controller became something of a relic of a bygone gaming era – though it has been used to play other titles like Dark Souls 3 and Fall Guys.

The rhythm genre has lived on in other titles since then, with the latest example being Fortnite’s music-based Fortnite Festival mode. Epic Games added this new mode back in December, around the same time that it introduced LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing. Fortnite Festival was developed by Harmonix, the studio behind both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, and draws much influence from the note-matching gameplay formula of those games. PDP, the company that made special controllers for Rock Band 4 way back in 2015, hinted at a new guitar peripheral last month, and now it looks like it will be reaching musical gamers soon.

IGN recently went hands-on with the new PDP Riffmaster wireless guitar controller, which is set to hit stores in spring 2024. Some of the features this new guitar-like peripheral includes are a battery that lasts up to 36 hours, an audio jack for headphones, a built-in thumbstick for improved navigation, and even a detachable pickguard that could be replaced with custom plates down the line. Best of all, this new controller will be compatible with Fortnite Festival once support is added in the future. There is currently no official price tag or exact release date for the Riffmaster controller.

Guitar Games Like Rock Band Could Make A Comeback

While the new Riffmaster controller is being advertised as a peripheral for Rock Band 4 and Fortnite Festival, it could be used for any future revivals of Guitar Hero or Rock Band that could come in Fortnite Festival’s wake. Harmonix is owned by Epic Games, and it is well within the realm of possibility for the latter to bring back Rock Band at some point. Meanwhile, Xbox and Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer recently spoke of resurrecting old franchises that his company has acquired in the Activision Blizzard buyout, such as the long-dormant Guitar Hero.

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