"Every single person involved in this production is such a perfect nerd for Superman."

Superman Legacy is being made with “so much love” and aims to have a “sense of humor,” according to Rachel Brosnahan, who plays Lois Lane in the upcoming superhero film.

She told Variety that she’s “really enjoyed” collaborating with writer-director James Gunn thus far, going on to note that the production team is made up of all the right people for the job.

“Every single person involved in this production is such a perfect nerd for Superman. We all grew up watching the movies. Some of us were reading the comics. So I feel like it’s being made with so much love. And I think this Superman will have a sense of humor,” she said.

Brosnahan went on to say that Superman Legacy aims to “honor” the franchise’s legacy while also putting a new spin on the iconic character. It remains to be seen what that means, though.

Filming begins in March 2024, and no one should expect to see a trailer for Superman Legacy until 2025. Superman Legacy stars David Corenswet as Superman, Brosnahan as Lois Lane, and Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor.

The film is set for release in Summer 2025. Corenswet has seemingly been busy at the gym preparing for the role, as people have renamed him David Corenswole due to his major gains.

In other DC movie news, Gunn recently said he would love to work with Margot Robbie again on another DC project after the Australian actress suggested she might be finished with Harley.

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