A Pokemon fan designs a dual Bug and Dragon-type evolution for Eevee, one of the franchise’s most popular Pokemon.


A fan has designed a new dual Bug/Dragon-type evolution for Eevee, called Festiveon.

This new evolution stands out because it combines two types, unlike the official Eeveelutions.

There is speculation on whether or not The Pokemon Company will create a new Eevee evolution, but fans continue to come up with their own designs.

A Pokemon fan and artist has designed a new evolution for Eevee that's a dual Bug and Dragon-type. Eevee stands out from other Pokemon thanks to its ability to evolve into many different creatures of varying types. Eevee is able to evolve into eight different Pokemon as of the Generation 9 Pokemon games, with Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice, and Fairy types all represented by their own Eeveelutions.

There hasn't been a new Eevee evolution since Fairy-type Sylveon was introduced as part of Pokemon X and Y, meaning there are still 10 Pokemon types that have yet to get their own Eeveelutions. It's unclear if The Pokemon Company ever plans on creating a new Eevee evolution, and so fans have come up with their own designs to help fill the gap in the meantime. Since all the official Eevee evolutions are just one type, most of the Eevee evolution fan art carries on that tradition, imagining Eeveelutions representing the Ghost, Dragon, Steel, Rock, Ground, Fighting, Poison, Bug, Normal, and Flying types.

What makes the new art by JJonnie so unique is that, instead of just focusing on one type, their new Eevee evolution is a dual Bug/Dragon-type. Named Festiveon, this unique Eevee evolution comes with the Wind Rider ability. It has bug-like legs, though its body seems to be mostly inspired by Chinese dragon costumes. It's an interesting concept, especially since the vast majority of Eevee evolution fan art only ever tackles one type at a time.

List of Eevee Evolutions

Vaporeon – Water

Jolteon – Electric

Flareon – Fire

Espeon – Psychic

Umbreon – Dark

Leafeon – Grass

Glaceon – Ice

Sylveon – Fairy

Pokemon fans often get a kick out of the Eevee evolution fan art that people come up with, but there are many who want to see more official Eevee evolutions added to the roster. It's been over a decade since Sylveon made its debut, and so it's hard to say if a new Eevee evolution will ever materialize or not. Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet all came and went with no Eevee evolutions, but there's always a chance the Generation 10 games will deliver.

List of Pokemon Types That Don't Have Eevee Evolutions











The Generation 10 Pokemon games have not been announced just yet, but they will presumably be targeting the Switch's successor console. Rumor has it that the Generation 10 Pokemon games will feature a region based on Australia, but beyond that there aren't really any rumblings about what fans might be able to expect. One thing fans can count on though is that the Generation 10 Pokemon games will add new Pokemon to the growing-list of pocket monsters, even if a new Eevee evolution isn't a part of the equation.

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet are the main entries in the series for Generation IX. They introduced over 100 new Pokemon and brought players to the Paldea region.

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