NFG Summary:Street Fighter 6 delivers a thrilling experience with its diverse roster of 18 fighters, featuring both legendary masters and new fan-favorites. With its highly evolved combat system and three control types, players can quickly adapt to their skill level. The addition of the Real Time Commentary Feature adds excitement to every match, while the Drive Gauge system adds a strategic element, requiring players to manage their resources wisely for ultimate victory.

Categories: 2D, Fighting
Meta Score: 92
User Score: 68.0
Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PC
Publisher Names: Capcom
Publish Date: 2023-06-02


Powered by Capcom’s proprietary RE ENGINE, the Street Fighter 6 experience spans across three distinct game modes featuring World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub. Diverse Roster of 18 Fighters. Play legendary masters and new fan favorites like Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, Jamie, Kimberly and more in this latest edition with each character featuring striking new redesigns and exhilarating cinematic specials. Street Fighter 6 offers a highly evolved combat system with three control types – Classic, Modern and Dynamic – allowing you to quickly play to your skill level. The new Real Time Commentary Feature adds all the hype of a competitive match as well as easy-to-understand explanations about your gameplay. The Drive Gauge is a new system to manage your resources. Use it wisely in order to claim victory.

Positive Comment(s)

An amazing fighting game! Much improved than Street Fighter 5. Highly recommend it!!!90fallen_hunter
Good gameplay, good netcode and plenty single player content even though not very good. One of the best fighting games out right now.90Zirotaku
Amazing game and overall a almost perfect fighting game I absolutely loved the story mode, and I love the art style of the characters in this80GurunSull
The best fighting game you can play. Capcom are just too good.100SoulsHunt
Maybe the best fighting game I ever played. Just need some more characters like Sagat heheh.100Wintermute1917
Street Fighter 6 is without question the best fighting game package I have ever played, and will keep you going far longer than a one-on-one fighter has any right to be able to. A true classic.100God is a Geek
All the negative reviews are absolute rubbish! Everything they say is the complete opposite of the truth. This game is so worth it.100Xeno19
A well-balanced roster of characters and new control options helps Street Fighter 6 stand tall as an excellent entry point for fighting games.100Screen Rant
Arguably the best Street Fighter ever, Street Fighter 6 is a gorgeous presentation and playing masterpiece not to be missed.98Impulsegamer
Street Fighter 6 is simply one of the best fighting games ever made, with ton of contents and an incredibly fun gameplay.95SpazioGames

Negative Comment(s)

Good game but gets boring fast.50excellins
OVERRATED!!!! average game with terrible RPG mechanics that were unnecessary.60Koustav04
Cool 15 years ago.20ScottyRich
tt hs a lot of potential but the leveling up on story mode is pretty boring70jamesxpktro
Great game play. SCUMBAG microtransactions. No content to keep casual players coming back.0Otherside
the game run smooth but the combat is just re-hach the new characters feels odd the online play is weak20malek_the_first
A fantastic entry in the serie. You like fighting games ? This is THE fighting game. He have all you need. Great gameplay, cool solo contents, perfect online mode, a good roster and the game is very welcoming for new players and pro. Seriously, Capcom really put the bar very high right here. One of the best game of the year, easily.100UnderTheMoon
Almost the perfect fighting game, fantastic competitive experience, easy controls that attempt to remedy the ‘if you’re not a sf player you’re not an sf player,’ and good single player experiences. The world tour mode may not be what many wanted, but it still has an arcade mode at least. The good ALMOST outweighs the bad sitting at a 9.44/10. But the lack of consistent content for casuals and predatory micro-transactions hold it back.90shadtowa
Hard for me to review this as I’m simply not great at these fighting games because unless you’re a seasoned pro, I think you have to invest a lot of time to ‘git gud,’ although this game is quite accessible to newcomers and there are tonnes of tutorials and training options. Overall, it is a good laugh. I just prefer different types of games but that doesn’t make this bad, per se. If you’re into fighting games, this does seem good.70HonestReviews66

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