NFG Summary:‘Fluidity’, also known as ‘Hydroventure’, offers a captivating and unique puzzle experience. With the ability to transform between liquid, ice, and cloud forms, players must strategize and navigate their way through Aquaticus to cleanse the world of the corruptive Influence. The clever use of water mechanics and the exploration of various chapters in search of Rainbow Drops creates a delightful and engaging adventure.

Categories: 2D, Platformer
Meta Score: 86
User Score: 78.0
Platform: Wii
Publisher Names: Nintendo


(Also known as "Hydroventure") Players must navigate their way across multiple chapters to rid Aquaticus of a corruptive goop called the "Influence", solving puzzles along the way in order to find Rainbow Drops scattered around the world. Using the three forms of water – liquid, ice and cloud – players can transform to continue on their adventure, for instance become a cloud to float to hard to reach areas, then make the cloud rain to return to a liquid state, or turn into ice and stick to surfaces..

Positive Comment(s)

This is an original a refreshing title, able to offer great entertainment and fun while exploring its environments and facing its challenges. Its use of water brings a new twist to adventure games.95Vandal
A cracking idea done almost flawlessly. Tied with World Of Goo as WiiWare’s best.92Nintendo Gamer
If anyone ever tells you that WiiWare is a waste of time, sit them in front of Hydroventure and watch them blush. A superb, original game.92Official Nintendo Magazine UK
A glorious mash up of LocoRoco and Mercury Meltdown. [Mar 2011, p.93]91Games Master UK
Fluidity is easily one of the more original games on WiiWare and comes with hours of replay value, a slick physics engine and spot on controls.90Nintendo Life
A beautifully original game that in another era would have been much-admired at triple the price.90Eurogamer
Sublime level design, a charming art style, and heaps of hidden content make this an amazing puzzle platformer.85GameSpot
Fluidity is interesting and fun, though it will tax you in its later areas.82Cheat Code Central
Although the basic joy of rolling realistic water around might be short-lived, it’s bolstered by the far greater satisfaction of solving the game’s intuitive, well-paced puzzles. [Jan 2011, p.102]80Edge Magazine
Not only one of the best WiiWare games ever, but an inspired 2D action puzzler to put even LocoRoco and Rolando in the shade.80Metro GameCentral

Negative Comment(s)

Fluidity is a game that’s just plain fun. The puzzles aren’t too difficult and absolutely gratifying to solve.70GamesRadar+

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