Categories: 3D, Fighting
Meta Score: 98
User Score: 82.0
Platform: Dreamcast, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Xbox 360
Publisher Names: Namco


[Xbox Live Arcade] Soulcalibur, the highest Metascoring game on the Dreamcast, has returned to the next generation. Sharpen your blades as you relive old grudges against classic adversaries in new high definition graphics. Prove your mettle against the world with a variety of leaderboards spanning every character and mode, or challenge a friend in local-play Versus mode. Nineteen playable characters: All of your favorite fighters are back including Kilik, Ivy, Siegfried, Edge Master, Nightmare, and many more. Eight modes of play: Try the different game modes including Story, Versus, and even Museum Mode that allows players to view artwork, character models, and animations. Leaderboards galore: Compare stats in sixty leaderboards spanning across each character and mode. High definition support: Soulcalibur has been given a whole new coat of beautiful paint to support HD resolutions up to 1080p. [Namco Bandai Games]

Positive Comment(s)

I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how phenomenal this game looks, and you won’t be able to put it down.100CheckOut
This is – or was – bleeding edge technology; the ‘Sole Calibre’ of Dreamcast’s Distinction, and it shall remain so… until Namco’s elite inevitably trump themselves.100Gamestyle
The great gameplay, large variety of options, and the absolutely astounding visuals combine to make this game near perfect.100Antagonist
The number one reason to buy a Dreamcast.100IGN
Soul Calibur is an amazing game that is as close to perfection as you can get.100Gaming Maxx
For sheer adrenaline working in tandem with eye-melting graphics, nothing could touch it.100GameSpot
This is the most beautiful fighting game ever to grace a home console.100Daily Radar
Polished to a piercing gleam, considered beyond mortally tangible thought, it’s the best beat ’em up we’ve played in years.100Games Radar
Let’s just put it this way, if you have a Dreamcast and there isn’t a “Soul Calibur” Disk sitting close by then you’re getting ripped off.100DC Swirl
Stunning 3D backgrounds, convincingly animated (to put it mildly) characters and superfluous effects are carried out in fine style with no hint of slowdown, all the while running in glorious high-res.100Hot Games

Negative Comment(s)

As a fighting game it’s really good, but not for me. Just not enough meat on the bones.60B00tador
This game was amazing, but it was really only a sign of things to come. Technically, this game is a marvel, and is a must-play for anyone interested in the history of fighting games.70AngerIssuez

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