NFG Summary:“Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies offers a thrilling return for fans of the courtroom drama series. With its gripping narrative and intense courtroom battles, players will be captivated as they join Phoenix Wright and his team in their quest to uncover the truth behind the destruction of the court. Prepare to defend the accused against Gaspen Payne and experience the exhilarating twists and turns this game has to offer.”

Categories: Visual, Novel
Meta Score: 81
User Score: 79.0
Platform: 3DS, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Publisher Names: Capcom
Support Language: Japanese, English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
Publish Date: 2013-10-24

PC Requirements:


  • OS: WINDOWS® 7, 8.1, 10 (64bit)
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4160
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4400
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1.8 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: *Recommended Controller Xbox 360 Controller (Windows®7/8.1) Xbox One Wireless Controller (Windows®10)


Dual Destinies brings us the return of courtroom hero Phoenix Wright. Set 8 years after his last appearance in the courts, the first case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies sees the action start in a destroyed court room. It’s up to Phoenix Wright and his team at the Wright Anything Agency to discover the cause of the destruction. Players have to battle it out in court against Gaspen Payne, the younger brother of Winston Payne from previous Ace Attorney titles, as they defend the accused.

Positive Comment(s)

Like a good novel, each case is deep and filled with plot twists. If you loved the Phoenix Wright games of the past, you’ll feel right at home.84Cheat Code Central
Topped off with beautiful 3D animations, an unsurprisingly excellent soundtrack, and some great anime sequences that highlight major moments in each case, Dual Destinies is not to be missed.95Destructoid
Not as light on its feet as older games, but still a great slice of law and disorder. [Christmas 2013, p.79]84Games Master UK
Top-notch writing, great characters and the ever-present thrills of the courtroom – this is unmistakably an Ace Attorney game.80Digital Spy
If you’re never played any of the Ace Attorney games, this would be a perfect starting point. It’s exactly what you’d want an Ace Attorney game. Simply put, it’s a masterpiece.95Critical Hit
Viewed abstractly, Dual Destinies is a straightforward sequence of locked narrative corridors.80Eurogamer
Proves that well-written adventure games still have a place on any system.92RPG Fan
Remaining issues and a lack of innovation aside, Dual Destinies and its witty writing manage to fully captivate you and glue you to the screen.80Eurogamer Germany
Limits on investigation and the notable absence of some cherish characters are boring details, but, by the time you reach the last case, you’ll notice that they are just that: details.90Universo Nintendo
If you’re not afraid of a digital-only title, you can look forward to a good crime-adventure with very special characters.80GamingXP

Negative Comment(s)

My least favorite. The second case is really uninteresting because the game spoil eveything itself. And the final case isn’t the best final case in the series.70Jofe
No EU 5 Text (3DS/PS4) = for me automatic 0 Points! In this Game you must understand ALL!0Loxagon
As a Phoenix Wright series fan, I think the story is a little bit bored. However, I still have fun with playing it.60tianyujojo

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