NFG Summary:RoboBlitz is a delightful and thrilling physics-based action game on Xbox Live Arcade. With its witty humor, inventive gadgets and stunning environments, players will find themselves engrossed in 19 levels of challenging puzzles and adrenaline-pumping gameplay as they control Blitz, a versatile robot on a quest to save his world from mischievous space pirates. Naked Sky Entertainment has created a truly distinctive experience that will keep gamers entertained from start to finish.

Categories: Third, Person, Shooter
Meta Score: 76
Store: RoboBlitz (Price: $ 0,63)
User Score: 78.0
Platform: Xbox 360, PC
Publisher Names: Microsoft Game Studios
Support Language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish – Spain
Publish Date: 2006-11-28


PC Requirements:

This game is built on the Unreal® Engine 3. While installing RoboBlitz, you may be prompted to download and install the latest video drivers.

Minimum: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2, Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0GHz or AMD Athlon™ XP 2000+, 512 MB RAM, 400MB Hard Disk Space, nVidia® Geforce® 6600 or ATI Radeon® X800 Video Card with 256 MB RAM, DirectX Version 9.0c

Recommended: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2, Intel® Pentium® Extreme Edition 3.2GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 3800+, 1 GB RAM, 400MB Hard Disk Space, nVidia® Geforce® 7800 or ATI Radeon® X1800 Video Card with 256 MB RAM, DirectX Version: 9.0c

Supported Video Cards:


  • Radeon® X1950 XTX
  • Radeon® X1900 series
  • Radeon® X1800 series
  • Radeon® X1600 series
  • Radeon® X1300 series
  • Radeon® X850 series
  • Radeon® X800 series
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X800 XT series
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X1800 XT series
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X1800 series
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X1600 series
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X1300 series
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X800 series


  • GeForce 6600 series
  • GeForce 6800 series
  • GeForce 7600 series
  • GeForce 7800 series
  • GeForce 7900 series
  • GeForce 7950 series
  • GeForce Go 7400 series
  • GeForce Go 7800 series
  • GeForce Go 7900 series


[Xbox Live Arcade] RoboBlitz is a humorous, physics-driven action game full of inventive gizmos, weapons, and environments. Players take on the role of Blitz, a multi-talented robot who must activate an aging Space Cannon to save his world from a band of maladjusted space pirates. Set in seven distinct environments, RoboBlitz features 19 levels of puzzle-solving and high-intensity action. [Naked Sky Entertainment]

Positive Comment(s)

No disrespect to “Frogger” and “Bejeweled”, but Xbox Live Arcade needs more games like Roboblitz. Score one for the next-generation, Tin Man. [Jan. 2007, p.73]85Official Xbox Magazine
It’s unique, sports great visuals, and is a blast to play. With a free downloadable multiplayer component slated for release in the coming weeks, it’s a good value, too.83Console Gameworld
RoboBlitz is a quaint and easy puzzle game with some very nice visuals, and a very cheap price tag.82GamerNode
RoboBlitz may be a tad on the short side, but at around 15 bucks, the price of admission is perfect for the amount of fun you’ll have with this game.80GamesRadar+
A gem in Live’s already glittering crown. Roboblitz shows any potential Arcade developers that it’s possible to pull off some amazing stuff within that 50MB limit. [Issue 20, p.69]80360 Gamer Magazine UK
With further add-ons and weapons to play around with, such as hover guns, tractor beams and point-to-point gravity pull, there’s a lot of fun to be had. [Issue # 16, p.114]80X-ONE Magazine UK
Wow, this game can be strange, but is amazing, the gameplay is addictive, the music, controls, graphics, all be interesting in this game of Microsoft Game Studios. RoboBlitz is a new classic.100MegWhiteley

Negative Comment(s)

A little more challenge to the puzzles and a little less emphasis on realism in the physics department would have helped make RoboBlitz a better game.72Gamers’ Temple
RoboBlitz is easily the most ambitious game released for the Xbox Live Arcade so far, and it’s an impressive 3D platformer in its own right.70GameSpot
At its core, the game is founded on a terrific physics engine that makes for an enjoyable sci-fi puzzle-solving romp.70Xboxic

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