NFG Summary:Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms takes the already expansive and immersive gameplay of its predecessor to the next level. With new campaigns, territories, and playable factions, players are given an unprecedented level of control and strategy in their quest for conquest. The addition of hotseat multiplayer adds another layer of excitement, making this expansion a must-have for any Total War fan.

Categories: Real-Time, Strategy
Meta Score: 85
Store: Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms (Price: $ 17,47)
User Score: 88.0
Platform: PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Publisher Names: Sega
Support Language: English
Publish Date: 2007-08-28


PC Requirements:


  • Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP
  • Processor: Celeron 1.5GHz Pentium 4® (1500MHz) or equivalent AMD® processor. (2.4 GHz P4 Recommended)
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM (1 GB RAM recommended)
  • Disk Space: 5 GB of uncompressed hard drive space
  • Graphics Card*: 128MB Hardware Accelerated video card with Shader 1 supportand the latest drivers. Must be 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible. (256 MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7300 or greater or ATI® Radeon® X1600 or greater recommended)
  • Display Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Sound Card: 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers
  • DirectX Version: DirectX® 9.0c
  • Input Devices: 100% Windows® 2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers
  • Multiplayer: Internet (TCP / IP) play supported; Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers; LAN play requires Network card.
  • *Note:Some cards may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Medieval II: Total War. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatibility.


Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms is the official expansion to Medieval II: Total War, presenting players with all-new territories to explore, troops to command, and enemies to conquer. Kingdoms features four new entire campaigns centered on expanded maps of the British Isles, Teutonic Northern Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. In Medieval II, players were only given a glimpse of South America, but in Kingdoms, vast tracts of land in both North and South America have been opened up for players to conquer. All-new factions from the New World are also now fully playable, including the Aztecs, Apaches, and Mayans. Along with the new maps in the Britannia, Teutonic, Crusades, and New World Campaigns, there are 13 new factions to play, over 110 units to control, and 50 building types, adding up to 80 hours of new gameplay. Kingdoms also offers new multiplayer maps and hotseat multiplayer, a first for the Total War series, allowing players to play one-versus-one campaign games on the same computer. [Sega]

Positive Comment(s)

This great new expansion offers a significant amount of new content for veteran Medieval II players.80GameSpot
Kingdoms breathes fresh life into the Total War franchise, just when it needs it most.100GameShark
But Sega’s expansion for Medieval II does add around 80 hours of gameplay to the franchise–all for the price of a regular($29.99)expansion pack. [Dec 2007, p.69]91PC Gamer
Whilte it may not be totally perfect, the sheer depth and replayability of Kingdoms raises it high above any RTS expansion I’ve ever played. [Oct 2007, p.68]90PC Zone UK
A general clean up of what was already a consummate package, with the addition of some incredibly absorbing new campaigns.90Jolt Online Gaming UK
The Kingdoms expansion adds an unprecedented amount of new content to an already deep turn-based strategy game.90Game Informer
So there’s a sense of overkill. Unless of course you’re a Total War obsessive — in which case, the Kingdoms expansion is more or less chocolate-covered awesomeness. And then some.80NZGamer
The graphics and sound design in Medieval II: Total War is top-notch and the gameplay is surprisingly addictive.70GameDaily
Rarely have I seen such a jam-packed expansion, or one with such variety. [Nov 2007, p.54]86PC Format
A 4-in-1 add-on that delivers a staggering amount of new units, characters, events and maps. Gameplay is unchanged, though. [Sept 2007]85Pelit (Finland)

Negative Comment(s)

fun expansion for medieval total70Kid-Wajay

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