NFG Summary:“Grounded offers a unique and immersive experience as you navigate a stunningly detailed, macroscopic world. With its multiplayer capabilities, this survival-adventure game emphasizes the importance of teamwork and resourcefulness, as you band together to conquer the challenges posed by giant insects and the vast backyard environment.”

Categories: Sandbox
Meta Score: 82
Store: Grounded (Price: $ 13,97)
User Score: 77.0
Platform: Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X
Publisher Names: Xbox Game Studios
Publish Date: 2022-09-27


The world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place especially when you have been shrunk to the size of an ant. Explore, build and survive together in this first person, multiplayer, survival-adventure. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard?

Positive Comment(s)

Like an ant, punching above its weight is the best way to describe Grounded. In many regards, this is the little game that could.90TheXboxHub
Grounded is the perfect survival, building and role-playing game, with a good story and a miniature world full of life.85Generación Xbox
Very fun cooperative survival game. I like visuals, I played this with a friend and the progression feels really satisfying. Moreover the story is a little funny90Floflo77
So good!But horrible and sometimes scary,but its cool!Grounded is a good survival game .80jogurt_
This survival game shines thanks to its setting, as well as delivering a fun adventure that is best enjoyed with friends.80Vandal
Addicted to it. Hidden gem. Or not that hidden? Eager to see what else is obsidian preparing for us in the future.90gabrieldavid3
Grounded is a solid title that has massive scope and a grand adventure for anyone seeking it, with its inclusion on Xbox Game Pass everyone who subscribes to the service should give this one a try.80CGMagazine
Jogo maravilhoso, muito divertido. joguei mais de 250 horas com meus filhos, eles adoram ficar construindo bases..100Foxxwander02
Grounded offers a good survival for all audiences, but without forgetting those who are looking for something more.80Meristation
One of the best survival games that I ever played. I am really not into survival games but I tried it as its part of gamepass. I am really really glad that I tried it. Recommend it.100vyaswanth

Negative Comment(s)

This final release for Grounded confirms that Obsidian gave its soul to the game, crafting a survival game which is still improvable, but unique in a lot of ways.75SpazioGames
Don’t like it, childish vibe, not beautiful, and was release 2 years ago on pc Doesn’t understand hype for this game20Thetype
When the imagination knows no bounds, numerous bugs, a frustrating level of difficulty and strange design decisions bother even
Grounded has always been a solid idea on paper, but Obsidian brings that potential to full fruition for launch, delivering on the thrills and fun of its brilliantly Spielbergian conceit.70GamesRadar+
Grounded’s charming, Honey I Shrunk the Kids premise is elevated by its uniquely welcoming approach to wonder. [Eurogamer Recommended]0Eurogamer
A great survival game that makes you feel the terror fighting against bugs. [Recommended]03DJuegos
Lackluster, no good updates, and boring without friends. Grounded misses the mark after a very promising launch, and that is very saddening to me.0MetacriticVoter

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