Categories: RPG
Meta Score: 50
Store: Two Worlds (Price: Is Free)
User Score: 47.0
Platform: PC, Xbox 360
Publisher Names: SouthPeak Games
Support Language: English, French, German
Publish Date: 2007-08-23


PC Requirements:

  • Processor Speed: 2GHz
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista
  • System Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Video: Shader 2.0 video card
  • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card


Two Worlds combines the dynamic combat system with the meaning and freedom of exploration. The ultimate goal of the Two Worlds project is to deliver a superior Role Playing Game to the PC and Xbox 360 market where players have a real chance to shape the game world with their actions – to an extent that has yet to seen in other productions. This premise is supported with a strong, non-linear storyline and stunning combat sequences. The world comes to life as it immediately reacts to the player’s actions and changes accordingly – offering new and exciting challenges. Players can shape their own story by choosing the path of conducting the main conflict and resolving meaningful side-quests. The combat system combines intuitive steering, tactical challenges and movie-like visual experiences. Players can experiment with different careers and even reverse their former choices with the help of "career changers". Players can travel and fight on various animals from horses to tamed lizards and beasts. Randomly generated pieces of equipment, thematic sets and combined items offer the space to experiment and satisfy the need to collect. [SouthPeak Interactive]

Positive Comment(s)

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Negative Comment(s)

This game doesn’t feel rushed. It feels like it was done by amateurs AND rushed.25netjak
Two Worlds isn’t fit to be put on the same shelves as Oblivion, or any other game. It does bring a new meaning to the term RPG, though, as in Real Piece of Garbage. Just….no.22Jolt Online Gaming UK
Tiresome gameplay, Unusuable maps, Broken combat. [Issue#24, p.78]20X-ONE Magazine UK
This game is fun, theres alot of exploring alot of quests and alot to do. But the storyline is bad, The Dialog is just awful, and the graphics are bad. I would’nt recommend getting this game.50GamingKing2KO
Fans of old-school PC games such as Diablo will find plenty to entertain them and the amount of items and weapons to discover truly is impressive.75ZTGD
Epic scale and depth of content make Two Worlds worthwhile.70GameSpot
Two Worlds aims high and delivers a flawed-yet-decent role-playing game that is lengthy and occasionally fun.70GameZone
If you can ignore the occasional glitches and poorly thought out menus, Two Worlds can be a fantastic single player experience. Just don’t buy for Xbox Live…at least not yet.70GotNext
Boring, shallow, bland, low quality, unintentionally hilarious, unoriginal…20VLG
The execution is flawed. On both Xbox 360 and PC this game is buggy and unpolished, and these quirks will prevent it from duplicating the real key to Oblivion’s success: mainstream appeal.68IGN

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