NFG Summary:Spider-Man 2 takes the exhilarating web-swinging action of its predecessor and adds an open-world structure, giving players the freedom to explore the sprawling city as the iconic superhero. With the introduction of the formidable Doctor Octopus, the game offers thrilling battles against a villain with incredible mechanical arms, providing an immersive and action-packed experience that fans of both the films and the superhero genre will truly enjoy.

Categories: Open-World, Action
Meta Score: 83
User Score: 85.0
Platform: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
Publisher Names: Activision
Support Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish – Spain, Dutch

PC Requirements:

Minimum: Windows XP/2000 XP SP2 / 2000 SP4, 256 MB RAM, 64 MB* video card, 2.0 GHz Pentium® 4 or AMD® 2000+ processor, DirectX compatible sound card, 3.5 GB free hard drive space, DirectX 9.0c, TCP/IP required for LAN play, 512kbs minimum, Broadband connection required
FlatOut 2 supports gamepads. Gamepad with 8 buttons minimum (to support all configurable game commands) is recommended.
* FlatOut 2 supports the following Chipsets, nVidia Geforce FX 5/6/7 series, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro/XT and above, ATI Radeon X200 and above. On-board/ integrated graphics cards and laptops not supported.


Based on the big screen sequel to the original "Spider-Man" with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, Spider-Man 2 features a new bad guy, Dr. Otto Octavius, who becomes grafted to a set of four mechanical arms which he can use to amazing effect… as a "mad scientist" some call "Doctor Octopus" or "Doc Ock." Can Spidey avoid getting clobbered by two of Doc Ock’s metallic appendages while avoiding the other two? The gameplay of this sequel, unlike that of the straightforward, mostly linear original, lends itself much more to the sense of freedom and exploration made popular with "Grand Theft Auto III."

Positive Comment(s)

Loved this game as a kid. Played it for hundreds of hours just swinging around New York fighting crime. Fun combat, with lots of combos, great villain roster (the mysterio sequence rocks).100cchenders40
Great well-rounded game, yet the bar went so high with Spider-Man (2000) that I can’t give it more than990shadowstalker4k
Awesome action and fun to play it’s really interesting and cool graphics bro100Ray6701
This game is so old but so good this is how a spider-man game should be and for A Xbox/ps2 game this holds up nicely90MANXMAN76
Spider-Man 2 is the definitive superhero game, and a benchmark for all future comic book titles.96XGP Gaming
Spider-Man 2 is hands down the best Marvel game ever! The best movie based game in fact! The story, physics, everything about this game is a masterpiece!100MarvelFTW
There are some great touches of humor throughout the game, especially when you encounter Mysterio (I haven’t laughed out loud at a game in quite a while).95eToychest
An absolute blast even if you do nothing more than simply swing around town. Without the extremely responsive and precise controls, this would not be possible.94GamingTrend
A surprisingly original experience.94Gamezilla!
Action, adventure, mystery, intrigue, romance, combat, exploration; this game has it all, and at times dangerously approaches becoming a simulation. That’s just how immersed you will become.93Game Chronicles

Negative Comment(s)

The web-slinging parts of the game are brilliantly done…Yet on the ground, the game looks and feels remarkably ugly. [Sept 2004, p.94]70Xbox Nation Magazine
While Spider-Man 2 truly puts you in the webbed booties of the wall-crawler and boasts a ton of freedom to do what you want, there’s not enough variety to keep things fresh from start to finish.75WHAM! Gaming

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