In the game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have the opportunity to construct a formidable beam carousel, strategically designed to shield their vehicle against a diverse range of enemies approaching from various directions. This innovative defense system ensures maximum protection and enhances the player’s chances of overcoming multiple enemy types in the game.

A Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has built a powerful beam carousel tank that does impressive damage. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players have shared countless incredible builds since the game was released, but this one may be among the strongest.

While it shares similarities with its predecessor, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has multiple abilities that make it stand out. Using Tears of the Kingdom's Ultrahand ability, players can make vehicles, buildings, and more. Though Link's arsenal of weapons in the game is impressive in its own right, some players have created powerful weapons by combining certain objects into one. This includes replicas of Star Wars contraptions, dragon-like vehicles, and mortars that launch bombs. One Tears of the Kingdom fan has made a beam carousel that damages any enemies that come near it regardless of which side they approach from.

Reddit user Tom_Sholar recently shared a clip of their Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom beam carousel tank build. The tank has eight beams placed onto a spinning platform that is raised from the base of the vehicle. This vehicle shares similarities with other creations as it swaps the traditional four-wheel design for one that incorporates six. The video begins with the player approaching a Blue Bokoblin camp that includes a Blue Moblin. The Moblin is the first to approach the vehicle, and it's quickly defeated by the rapidly circling laser beams. As an Aerocuda swoops down to attack the Tears of the Kingdom Bokoblins, they swarm the vehicle in unison and are killed just as easily.

After the Bokoblins are dispatched, multiple Soldier Constructs attempt to attack the vehicle and have their health bars whittled down by the tank. One Construct is able to hit the tank from afar, but it does minimal damage and the ranged enemy is targeted by the vehicle soon after. The clip cuts to another scene in which it defeats more Constructs with ease, highlighting the power of this build. The vehicle barely utilizes the eight Zonai Charges as it moves forward, with the battery icons only visibly depleting as it moves back and forth. This shows the damage output potential of the tank compared to its economical use of the energy source. In this build, Link is practically hidden inside multiple structures, with some acquired at the various Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule depots.

With its circular design, the beam carousel atop this vehicle may be one of the best creations for damage dealing. As more players share their Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand builds, even more impressive creations may be shared in the future.

By marcela Diay

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