Experience the ultimate gaming upgrade with an exciting recent update that has just been unleashed today for an Xbox Game Pass gem. This hidden gem is often overlooked, but its enormous free enhancement is set to revolutionize your gaming experience. Stay ahead of the curve and don’t miss out on the incredible improvements this underrated Xbox Game Pass game has to offer.

Tactical shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm received a massive, free update on Xbox Series X/S consoles. The Xbox Game Pass title has long been a genre favorite, but now it is properly optimized for the current-gen hardware thanks to the upgrade.

Despite being available on the Xbox One and PS4, Insurgency: Sandstorm has long been a game best experienced on current-gen consoles. However, the game had never been fully optimized for Xbox Series X/S hardware until the latest update. There was already a lot to love about Insurgency: Sandstorm, from the game's outstanding tactical combat to its detailed customization, but the latest upgrade finally gives the title the visual facelift it deserves. Through frequent updates, Insurgency: Sandstorm has kept a dedicated player base since its launch.

A recent update is upgrading Insurgency: Sandstorm to a fully-fledged Xbox Series X/S optimized title. The patch bumps up resolutions to 4K/60FPS on Series X consoles and 1080p/60FPS on the lower-powered Series S model. The game will also take advantage of faster load times thanks to the SSDs within the Xbox Series X/S consoles. Not to mention, cross-gen play is also being added as part of the update.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Xbox Series X/S Upgrades

Those jumping into the game for the first time will likely require some pro tips for starting Insurgency: Sandstorm. As the game has maintained a dedicated following over the years, a large portion of the player base has understandably gotten quite good at the online shooter. That being said, the latest update is sure to attract plenty of new players who finally want to see what all the fuss is about.

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