Introducing Xbox Game Pass: Experience Endless Replays and Thrilling New Releases

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One of the latest additions to Xbox Game Pass is an incredibly replayable and action-packed day-one title. Prepare yourself for an immersive and adrenaline-fueled adventure that will keep you coming back for more. This highly anticipated game promises to deliver endless hours of excitement and chaos, catering to all types of gamers.

Additionally, Xbox Game Pass bids farewell to one of its early access games. After fine-tuning and refining the gaming experience, this title is finally ready to make its grand debut. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the culmination of dedicated efforts and experience a polished masterpiece.

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The January 25 Xbox Game Pass update is adding a new day-one title in the form of Go Mecha Ball. This hectic indie release promises to add to the already sizable collection of high-quality roguelike games on Xbox Game Pass.

January has been an amazing month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, with Microsoft's subscription library already adding 11 titles since the turn of the year. Two of those—Turnip Boy Robs a Bank and the massively successful survival game Palworld—have been day-one releases, with Go Mecha Bell now being on the verge of joining that group.

Developed by Whale Peak Games, the twin-stick shooter still hasn't been added to Xbox Game Pass as of this writing, circa 7am ET / 4am PT. That's hardly out of the ordinary for day-one games, whose debuts on Microsoft's subscription service often coincide with their launch times on other platforms. In this particular instance, Go Mecha Ball is scheduled to hit Steam circa 11am ET / 8am PT, so that's plausibly the time when Xbox Game Pass members will be able to start playing it as well.

New Xbox Game Pass Games for January 2024 List

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