Title: Exclusive Rare Pikachu Pokemon Trading Card Restocked at Van Gogh Museum

Description: Discover the latest update on the highly sought-after and controversial rare Pikachu Pokemon Trading Card, exclusively sold at the renowned Van Gogh Museum. Recent reports indicate that this limited-edition card is being restocked, providing a second chance for collectors and enthusiasts alike to acquire this extraordinary piece. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of art and gaming history. Learn more about the restock and how you can get your hands on this exclusive Pokemon Trading Card at the Van Gogh Museum.

Recent reports have suggested that the incredibly rare Pikachu Van Gogh Pokemon card is being re-released soon. Back in 2023, The Pokemon Company announced a collaboration between the Van Gogh Museum and the Pokemon TCG, which included an exclusive promotional card that would be sold. This card was a special Pikachu card, "Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat," which was given out for free to any customer who purchased any product at the museum. Unfortunately, this promotion quickly went south as several scalpers were at the museum, with videos being posted on social media showing the huge crowds swarming the exhibit for the sought-after card.

Following this incident, The Pokemon Company apologized for the chaos that had spawned from this promotion. This card was pulled from being sold at the museum, mainly for the safety of its employees and other customers. Despite this, scalpers who did get the elusive Pokemon card put it up for auction online, with some copies selling for over $600 at the end of 2023. Recent reports suggest that The Pokemon Company is restocking the card.

According to Pokebeach, the official distributor of Pokemon TCG, Asmodee, contacted various hobby stores and informed them that they would be receiving a supply of these promotional cards, with 10 cards given per store. In a follow-up statement, Pokebeach confirmed that The Pokemon Company would be restocking the card at large chain stores in the Netherlands, with a special promotion for fans to get the card that will begin on February 10. Customers who spend €29.99 or more on TCG products will receive a copy of the Pikachu Van Gogh card.

Chain Stores the Van Gogh Pikachu Pokemon Card is Being Supplied To:

Pokebeach says these larger stores will likely have more oversight to prevent scalping. Pokebeach's sources also estimate that 100 copies of these cards would be provided to each of the mentioned chain stores in the Netherlands. With there being over 1,000 of these chain stores in the region, this would mean at least an additional 100,000 copies of the rare card would be put onto the market. The site speculates that this move is to help lower the price of the scalped Van Gogh Pikachu card, as listings of the card on eBay are usually priced at around $200.

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