Discover the Latest Update in Call of Duty: Warzone Map – Witness Sections Tearing Apart

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The latest Call of Duty: Warzone update is causing parts of the map to bend upwards in a bizarre distortion of Ashika Island. The Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale has been home to Al Mazrah, Verdansk, and the Pacific Caldera, but the current map has been torn apart by a new patch.

As more Call of Duty titles have been released since 2020, Warzone has also received location changes. While these don't always reflect the latest game, the current Warzone map fits into the Modern Warfare 3 theme. Beyond battle royale, players can have a similar open-world experience in the new Call of Duty Zombies, and the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. Though these have had their own issues, Warzone has seen a few bugs as well. The latest patch is causing some confusion as the Ashika Island map is visually altered, making it a little harder to get around.

Reddit user Open24Seven recently shared a clip showing their Warzone soldier running around Ashika while being hunted. The clip begins with the player leaving a building they had seemingly looted to see parts of the map floating in the sky. As they approach this portion of the map, multiple buildings in the point of interest can be seen far above the usual playing field. The player then runs to collect items from a Loot Cache before running up to the floating parts of the map. As they get closer, the Warzone map locations that were elevated flicker in and out of view while the player periodically gets a glimpse of what's supposed to be there.

What's Going on With the Call of Duty: Warzone Map?

In this video, Open24Seven is seen near sections of the map that aren't supposed to be there. While they appear to be playing on Ashika, the problematic portions of the map resemble Verdansk or Al Mazrah. Multiple Call of Duty fans have noted that this particular bug has been occasionally happening since Warzone Season 1 began. According to some players, this only happens in games with high latency, which may suggest that the Reddit user was experiencing lag on their end or the server side.

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