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Genshin Impact has revealed every detail players need to know about Gaming, who will arrive in the first phase of version 4.4. In every Genshin Impact update, at least two characters get their event-exclusive reruns, while several new units appear in Teyvat for the first time. The game's time-limited banner provides players with a better chance to pull those characters and their weapons.

Genshin Impact is set to introduce two new characters in the next version, Gaming and Xianyun, who have distinctive skills and passives. As confirmed by the developers, Xianyun is a Catalyst wielder whose kit focuses on dealing Anemo damage. The Liyue-based Adeptus will take on a human form to protect her native land from external threats. Gaming, on the other hand, is already confirmed to be a Pyro user that can perform powerful plunging attacks.

Genshin Impact has finally given all the details about Gaming's kit, revealing that he is a four-star Claymore wielder with a Pyro vision. Gaming performs a powerful spinning attack to kill nearby enemies, and the character enters a combat state to recover a certain amount of HP and summon a companion that doles out AoE Pyro damage. Using his elemental skill, he leaps into the air and smashes his companion to the ground to create an AoE effect. Moreover, Genshin Impact's Gaming has a unique plunging attack, which deals Pyro damage that can't be overridden by elemental infusions.

Genshin Impact Gaming Kit

Gaming's elemental burst provides him with interruption resistance and summons a companion to deal extra damage. As for his companion, players can only have one on the battlefield simultaneously. The character needs Sliver, Slime Condensate, Starconch, and Emperor's Resolution materials to be ascended.

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