Introducing the latest addition from Call of Duty, a brand-new bundle that is sure to make a splash! This exciting release includes a rubber ducky-themed skin, along with a variety of other items. As Call of Duty continues its trend of incorporating fantastical outfits, players can now adorn themselves with this unique and playful cosmetic option. Get ready to duck and dive into action with this rubber ducky-themed bundle, available now for Call of Duty enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in style, as you engage in thrilling battles with this fun and eye-catching skin. Grab your bundle today and let the rubber ducky spirit shine in the world of Call of Duty!

Call of Duty added the rubber ducky-themed Bath Time skin, which is part of a larger bundle. This continues Call of Duty's trend of occasionally releasing fantastical, unrealistic skins.

Like many multiplayer games, skins have become a central part of Call of Duty's player experience. Skins are also a somewhat controversial matter for some Call of Duty fans, with some wishing for the series to stick to mil-sim skins while others enjoy the brighter and more exciting outfits. It seems that Call of Duty tries to appease both sides by adding plenty of grounded skins alongside more outlandish ones. This resembles Fortnite's approach to skins, which similarly features a huge range of styles. In 2023, Call of Duty also mimicked Fortnite by introducing streamer-themed skins. It seems that Call of Duty is continuing with this approach following the addition of its newest bundle.

Call of Duty added the Wildlife Wanted: Rubber Duck bundle to its Store section. The bundle costs 1800 CoD Points (about $18) and includes the Bath Time skin, the Rubber Rampage Pulemyot 762 blueprint, The Ducky DM56 blueprint, a What the Duck weapon sticker, the Duck This calling card, the Quackin' Up weapon charm, and the Bath Time emblem. The Bath Time skin is the headliner of the bundle, which sports a yellow and black outfit topped with a rubber duck head. The skin stirred up some controversy after it was revealed last week. However, plenty of fans sided with Call of Duty's decision to add more unrealistic skins, emphasizing that it's just a game.

Call of Duty's Wildlife Wanted: Rubber Duck Bundle

The bundle's lower price relative to other Call of Duty bundles, which are often priced at 2400 CoD Points or higher, is probably due to its lack of tracer weapons. This will probably come as a relief to some Call of Duty fans after a tracer-less bundle was released in December for 2400 CoD Points. Despite the new bundle's lack of tracer weapons, it offers pretty good value for 1800 CoD Points and will likely become popular due to its fantastical appearance.

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