Unlock the Secrets of a Still-Operational, Forgotten PlayStation Portable Feature

Discover the untapped treasures of a PlayStation Portable feature that has withstood the test of time and continues to astonish, even in the current generation. Although generations have passed, this long-forgotten gem remains surprisingly functional. Let us delve into this intriguing feature that has garnered little attention over the years, but deserves a place in the spotlight once more. Join the adventure as we unravel the mysteries of the persevering and enigmatic PlayStation Portable feature.

It's been nearly two decades since the release of the PSP, but its GPS app surprisingly still functions. Nostalgic PSP fans might not even recall that the handheld had any navigation capabilities, as it never quite caught on and became mainstream. Between smartphones and in-car navigation apps, standalone GPS devices are already beginning to feel like a thing of the past, much less when attached to a game console from several generations ago.

Despite Sony no longer partaking in the handheld gaming market, aside from the recently released PlayStation Portal device, the PSP is a fondly-remembered console that also proved to be a commercial success. While the PSP didn't sell nearly as well as the Nintendo DS family of consoles, the PlayStation handheld did prove that there was a market for more powerful, portable gaming devices. Its successor, the PS Vita, never quite found its audience, however, leading to Sony more or less abandoning the handheld gaming market altogether.

PSP's GPS Still Works In 2024

Outside of retro gaming enthusiasts, it looks like the PSP still has a practical function in 2024 as a GPS device. Instagram account real_rodeo shared an image of a PSP serving as a GPS on a car dash, stating that the app is still functional.

When Sony launched the PSP, the tech company touted the portable as an all-in-one media device. In addition to serving as a GPS, the PSP also played music, movies, and TV episodes. Because the technology was a bit delayed in the US, and the fact that it required an expensive add-on, the navigation functionality of the PSP never quite caught on. That said, the PSP's excellent library of first-party games made the portable console a must-own for PlayStation fans back in the day.

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