Title: The Suicide Squad Actor Raises Concerns about Future in James Gunn’s DC Universe

Description (SEO compatible): Amidst the anticipation for the highly anticipated film, The Suicide Squad, an actor from the movie recently hinted that their character’s involvement in James Gunn’s DC Universe may be uncertain, leaving fans anxious about what lies ahead. Explore the potential future of this beloved character and learn why fans are worried about their fate within the DC cinematic universe.

The Suicide Squad star Daniela Melchior doubts her character Ratcatcher 2's potential return in the DC Universe, acknowledging how James Gunn is trying to revamp the entire franchise.

Melchior undoubtedly turned out to be the breakout star of Gunn's The Suicide Squad. The actress portrayed the comic book character wonderfully, and The Suicide Squad reviews praised her performance. Since then, fans have been asking Gunn to include Ratcatcher 2 in the DCU. While the new head of DCU has not confirmed anything, Melchior has explicitly stated that she is unaware of any plan to include her in the revamped DCU.

On Instagram, Melchior was asked if she would be a part of Gunn and Peter Safran's DCU slate. Melchior responded, saying she didn’t know if she'd be a part of the franchise. One user asked, “Will u be in the new DCU?” She replied, “Not that I’m aware.” Like Gunn, Melchior is also not leaving any stone unturned to give updates about what’s happened in the DC Universe. While it's not ruled out that characters from The Suicide Squad might appear in the upcoming phase of DC titles, there's a strong likelihood that they won't play a significant role in the initial set of projects or return for a standalone sequel.

Melchior's role as Ratcatcher 2 and the character's story made her stand out as one of the strongest in the big group of characters. In the final few minutes of The Suicide Squad, Ratcatcher 2 summons a tsunami of rats, significantly weakening Starro and allowing Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn to deliver the decisive strike and defeat the villain. For the uninitiated, Gunn crafted Melchior's character, Ratcatcher 2, for the film. However, the character was inspired by Ratcatcher, who appeared in DC's Detective Comics #585-586 in April 1998. In the comics, the character was a man named Otis Flanagan. He was initially a Gotham City Sanitation Department worker and transformed into the Ratcatcher while working as an exterminator. Additionally, he claimed he had a unique bond with rats and taught them basic commands such as "attack" and "fetch."

But Gunn gave his unique touch to Ratcatcher 2 in The Suicide Squad and gave the character a wand to communicate telepathically with rats. In the movie, it was stated that her father gave her the wand. However, her connection with rats is not just because of technology. She also shares a deep bond with rats. But one thing that makes Ratcatcher 2 different from the character fans see in the comics is how her skills make her an unlikely hero rather than a villain. Melchior did a fantastic job presenting the character’s emotions on the screen. That’s one of the main reasons fans want to see her reprise the character in the DCU. While it hasn’t been confirmed if Melchior and her character will be a part of the DCU, it will be exciting to see the character's growth if she appears in the upcoming DCU projects.

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