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Title: “Trading Card Store Targeted in Brazen Attack: Stolen Pokemon Cards Fuel Gang’s Money-Making Scheme”

Meta Description: Discover how a reputable trading card store fell prey to a relentless gang of thieves, determined to profit from their stolen collection of valuable Pokemon cards. Find out more about this audacious attack and the escalating trend of trading card theft as criminals seek to cash in on the Pokemon card craze.

An entire cash register plus tens of thousands of Pokemon Trading Cards were stolen after three thieves stormed into Tofu’s Trading, a small store located in San Jose, California. Tofu’s Trading specializes in selling TCG merchandise of popular franchises such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.

The Pokemon TCG originated in Japan in 1996, a few months after the first Pokemon games, Green and Red, were released on the market. The Pokemon Trading Card Game enjoyed a huge level of success with many fans being tremendously entertained by collecting and stockpiling flashy Pokemon-themed cards. A few decades later, certain Pokemon cards had increased in value and were worth a massive amount of money on the market, as many card hunters sought out the rarest Pokemon cards. With the value of the cards being worth thousands of dollars, finding a rare card could quite literally make collectors rich. Unfortunately, this increase in value means that some card sellers are targeted by robbers seeking to make unlawful profits, as was the case for Tofu’s Trading.

ABC7 News reported that three burglars broke into Tofu’s Trading in the middle of the night, and managed to run off with no less than 35,000 Pokemon Trading Cards of different values, as well as a full cash register. Amy Simpson, the manager of the store, claimed that the robbery was made possible by defective motion detectors that failed to trigger the alarm system. Even though the San Jose police did not manage to capture the shoplifters in time, security cameras successfully recorded the break-in. In the video footage that was posted on Twitter, the suspects can be seen crawling on all fours on the store’s floor before quickly snatching the Pokemon merchandise.

The Pokemon TCG Thieves Were Captured by Video Surveillance Cameras

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