Starfield, a leading provider of innovative solutions, is excited to unveil an upcoming feature that promises to revolutionize performance for select user groups. This highly anticipated addition is poised to deliver unparalleled enhancements, elevating user experiences to new heights. Stay tuned as Starfield continues to redefine industry standards with cutting-edge developments in the near future.

Starfield announced that AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3) feature will be available soon for Steam Beta users. In addition to the exciting feature, Starfield users have enjoyed other improvements recently.

On January 30, Starfield released its biggest update yet, which brought significant improvements to the game's lighting, shadows, and textures. The update also fixed some serious technical issues affecting certain players, like a save corruption problem and a bizarre bug that saw an asteroid follow players' ships through space. Fortunately, Starfield fans on PC can expect another significant improvement soon.

Starfield revealed that AMD's FSR 3 will be released in the game's Steam Beta next week. Additionally, FSR 3 will be made available for all Starfield PC users later in February before the game's next scheduled update. FSR 3 is AMD's competitor to Nvidia's DLSS 3 and is a useful feature that can significantly boost frames-per-second for many PC users. FSR 3 does this by creating additional, interpolated frames in between the normally rendered frames, allowing for a much smoother feel. AMD claims that FSR 3 can roughly double any frame rate, but recommends that a user's base frame rate is at least 60 FPS. FSR 3 is officially supported on a wide range of graphics cards, including Nvidia GPUs that are RTX 20-series or above. In addition to the impressive FPS-boosting feature, Starfield fans have more to look forward to this year.

AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3) Feature Coming to Starfield Soon

Following Starfield's release, Bethesda made it clear that there's plenty more planned for Starfield in 2024. Updates will be regularly released every six weeks or so that will introduce much-requested features like city maps, additional difficulty options, and mod support. Bethesda also confirmed that Starfield's first story expansion, Shattered Space, will be released later in 2024. Very little is known about the major DLC, but many fans are hoping for Bethesda to go all-in on the expansion after Starfield's highly anticipated launch didn't live up to expectations for some users.

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