Title: End of an Era: PlayStation 4 Exclusive Shuts Down Servers, But Offline Play Saves the Day

Description: Immerse yourself in the bittersweet farewell as a beloved PlayStation 4 exclusive bids adieu by shutting down its servers. Nevertheless, the devoted community can find solace in being able to continue their gaming journey offline. Discover the resilience and passion of fans who refuse to let go as they venture into the offline realms of this popular title. Prepare for the end of an era, but embrace the opportunity to keep the adventure alive on your own terms.

PlayStation 4 exclusive Gran Turismo Sport has forever shut down its servers, with its online functionality now being inaccessible as of February 1. The game was the only installment in the long-running racing sim series that was made exclusively for the PS4.

Originally released in October 2017, GTS launched to mixed reviews, and is nowadays seen as one of the weakest entries in the Gran Turismo franchise. That lukewarm reception has been largely rooted in the fact that Gran Turismo Sport emphasized online play, thus being a pretty significant departure from its predecessors. The game still managed to sell nearly 13 million copies in its first three years on the market, as per Sony's official figures.

Three years later, Polyphony Digital officially discontinued all GTS multiplayer services on January 31. This turn of events has been a long time coming, as the Japanese developer has already announced it will be shutting down Gran Turismo Sport servers way back in September 2023. Since then, the studio has also pulled all of the game's DLC from the PlayStation Store on December 1. Garage Car Liveries, online Trophies, Mileage Store Closure, and online services such as seasonal events and Open Lobby are now forever inaccessible to Gran Turismo Sport players.

Gran Turismo Sport Content That's No Longer Accessible

Polyphony Digital did recently roll out an update that made other aspects of the game accessible offline. Those include Career Mode progression and the contents of the players' Garages, both of which will continue to be tracked via offline save data on the PS4. As is the case with all other games on the console, Gran Turismo Sport save data can also be backed up online by using the Back Up and Restore option under System Settings.

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