In the realm of Palworld, witness the awe-inspiring skills of a dedicated player as they proudly exhibit their strategically fortified and abundantly provisioned base, carefully constructed on the precipice of a stunning cliff. Prepare to be captivated by the intricate details and ingenious planning showcased in this remarkable stronghold within Palworld.

One Palworld player is showing off their impressive hilltop base. As a survival game, creating a base in Palworld is an essential early step for any player. With a bevy of customization options, players are spending quite a bit of time making their bases unique, and some are even sharing their results with the community.

Palworld has been unofficially dubbed "Pokemon with guns," but the game is much more than that. Aside from the game's numerous controversies, Palworld is an impressive mashup of the survival, shooter, and monster-collecting genres. Borrowing ideas from some of the most popular games out there, Palworld has managed to find an impressive audience while still in early access. One of the more popular features of the game, at least early on, appears to be its base-building mechanics.

Palworld Player Shows Off Impressively Fortified Base

Reddit user Dsj417 is sharing their impressive base with the community. The castle-like structure contains six ore and four coal spawns. Not to mention, the base sits on top of a hill that the Reddit user claims makes it "immune to raids." As many other gamers share in the comments, they have also decided to build their bases in the same location on the map, but many admit they are struggling to make it look or work quite as well.

With raids being such a common issue, this player has cleverly found their way around that aspect of the game with this particular base. Still, they are prepping for any potential future air raids by converting materials to metal and adding machine gun towers. Defense against raids is one reason Palworld players might consider joining a guild, but players can afford to be a bit more self-sufficient with a base like this.

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