Become awestruck by the remarkable artistic talent of a skilled Palworld player who envisions a mesmerizing mechanized edition of the coveted Dark-type Pal, Katress, from the widely acclaimed RPG. Prepare to be captivated by stunning artwork and delve into a world where creativity meets technological brilliance.

A fan of Palworld designed a mecha version of the Pal Katress. The hit RPG has been pushing the imaginations of its player base since it released in January 2024, especially when it comes to the game's base building aspect. Palworld players have been getting creative and are starting to bring their talents into the real world as well.

One of the Pals that players will come across in Palworld is Katress, a Dark-type creature that can only be found during the night or in dungeons. If one of these critters is employed at a Base, they will work throughout the night and will not need a bed as they do not sleep. One gamer was inspired by the cat-like Pal and created a piece of art featuring an alternate form of it.

A Redditor named shunixe shared Palworld artwork that they drew of the Dark-type Pal Katress. The piece shows what the creature would look like if it were to take on a robotic form, all while keeping many of the aspects that helps it stand out. Shunixe's take on the Pal still keeps its signature witch hat along with the collar on its robe that covers its mouth. It is an impressive take on Katress that should appeal to many of its fans.

Palworld Player Turns Katress Into a Robot

Shunixe's art piece of mecha Katress has earned a bit of popularity with fans of Palworld, who have gotten the post of the work to over 2,000 upvotes. A few commenters stated that the Dark-type Pal is their favorite in the RPG, including a few who would love to see the robot form make it into the game. The artwork even led to one gamer imagining how great a mod that turned the creatures into mechs would be and how they would kill for that.

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