“Discover what’s in store for Call of Duty’s highly anticipated Season 2 update in February. This comprehensive roadmap unveils an array of exciting additions coming to Warzone, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Stay tuned for an action-packed month of fresh content and thrilling gameplay.”

Call of Duty revealed its roadmap for Season 2, which launches on February 7th. The update will bring new content to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and Zombies.

Leading up to the release of Season 2, fans have speculated about what Call of Duty's next major update might contain. Some additions were already known, like three new 6v6 maps, while the rumored additions of other features remained uncertain. With Season 2's launch less than a week away, Call of Duty has revealed exactly what the new update will contain.

Call of Duty's Season 2 update will add a refreshed version of the Fortune's Keep map to Warzone, as well as a Ranked mode for the returning map. Warzone will also add the Eradication Contract, a weekly Zombie target, a squad wipe streak, Wonder Weapons, Zombie power ups, and a new public event. Later in Season 2, Warzone will add the PDS Field Upgrade, the Bunker Buster killstreak, and an additional POI to Fortune's Keep known as the Research Vessel. As for Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer, Season 2 will add three 6v6 maps, a War mode map, and new game modes. Later in Season 2, Multiplayer will add Vanguard's Das Haus 6v6 map, re-skinned variants of Terminal and Skidrow, and additional game modes. As for Zombies, Season 2 will add a new story mission, dark aether rift, schematics, and warlord. However, all of the new Zombies features will arrive later in Season 2.

What's Coming to Call of Duty with the Season 2 Update?

Call of Duty's Season 2 will also add four new weapons in the BP50 AR, RAM-9 SMG, SOA Subverter BR, and Soulrender melee weapon. Fans might recognize the RAM-9 due to it being the SMG counterpart of the previously introduced RAM-7 AR. Additionally, the approaching update will add the Ninja Vest, which makes users' footsteps silent while also giving them a bonus knife and throwing star ammo. Season 2 will also make an interesting adjustment to precision airstrikes in Warzone by showing the killstreak's trajectory on targeted players' minimaps.

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