The Finals announces Season 1’s first major update which will launch very soon, and includes an exciting new way for solo users to play the game.


The Finals is releasing its first major Season 1 update, Update 1.5.0, on January 17, which includes new additions like the Solo Bank It mode, balance changes, improved security, bug fixes, and a bigger store.

The update's focus on improved security features might help address the game's rampant cheating issues, although the extent of these upgrades is still unclear.

The Finals distinguishes itself from other FPS games through its emphasis on teamplay, but the introduction of the Solo Bank It mode suggests potential changes towards more solo player options in the future.

The Finals announced Season 1's first major update, which releases Wednesday, January 17. The game's Update 1.5.0 will introduce a new way for solo players to enjoy The Finals.

The Finals has skyrocketed to the top of gaming charts since its full release in December, outperforming other free-to-play heavyweights like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone on some platforms. As part of its full release in late 2023, The Finals received its Season 1 update which introduced a new map, the store section, the Season 1 Battle Pass, gameplay adjustments, and much more. Since then, The Finals has received plenty of minor updates that addressed serious issues and balanced certain items, but the game is receiving its first major Season 1 update very soon.

The Finals announced that Update 1.5.0 will release on Wednesday, January 17. The most intriguing feature of this update is probably the new Solo Bank It playlist, which allows users to play The Finals' popular Bank It mode against eleven other solo players. The Finals explained that this is an experimental mode that will be available for a limited time. It's still unclear whether the game's development team plans to implement a permanent solo mode, but it seems that Solo Bank It won't be here to stay. Other additions coming with Update 1.5.0 include balance changes, improved security, bug fixes, and a bigger store. The Finals has not released the update's full patch notes yet, which are likely to release tomorrow on January 17 along with the update's launch.

New Additions Coming with The Finals' Update 1.5.0

New Solo Bank It mode

Balance changes

Improved security

Bug fixes

Bigger store

Update 1.5.0's mention of adding better security features might help address The Finals' cheating problems. The game has had rampant cheating issues since its release, with many users calling for urgent improvements to the game's anti-cheat system. Embark Studios has released a couple of updates that aimed to improve The Finals' anti-cheat, but cheating remains an issue. It's still not known how robust these upgrades will be on January 17, but fans are probably hoping for a significant improvement.

Other than cheating, the game recently addressed other major problems like The Finals' aim-assist update. Many fans had claimed that controller users' aim assist was too strong, leading the development team to tone down the feature. This update helped to reduce controller accuracy and to level the playing field between the average controller user and the average mouse-and-keyboard user. Although these updates have helped The Finals maintain its massive popularity out of the gates, its unique formula is the real secret to its success.

There are many things that The Finals does differently that set it apart from other FPS games. One of these attributes is the game's emphasis on teamplay. Until the recently announced Solo Bank It playlist, The Finals did not feature any options for solo players, instead forcing them to queue with random users. It'll be interesting to see whether Embark Studios chooses to remain focused on team-based playlists, or if the Solo Bank It playlist is a sign of more things to come.

Framed as a game show, The Finals is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that also supports melee combat. Embark's FPS emphasizes destruction along with teamwork.

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