Avengers 5 may consider replacing Jonathan Majors’ Kang with a new villain, but fans are explaining why that would be a bad idea for the MCU.

Avengers 5 fan explains why replacing primary villain Kang the Conqueror, previously portrayed by Jonathan Majors, with a new villain in the upcoming film is a bad idea.

Majors is no longer set to portray Kang after being found guilty of assault and harassment charges in late 2023. This development has led to speculation about the character's future and discussions among fans over whether Kang should be recast or replaced entirely, as Majors was to play a pivotal role as the MCU's next major overarching antagonist similar to Thanos. Addressing this within the narrative raises doubts about whether Avengers 5 can follow through on potential built-up Kang confrontations.

On the MarvelStudios subreddit, user ThorothPlays argues that abruptly replacing Kang with another Avengers 5 antagonist would be "narrative suicide." The Redditor contends that too much buildup has occurred around the character as the next "big bad" to remove him from the storyline. Just as it wouldn't have made sense to replace Thanos in the Infinity Saga, Kang cannot easily be swapped out after the groundwork laid in Phase 4.

In the comments, some fans suggested casting Denzel Washington as an older variant and continuing the Avengers 5 storyline as planned. Others proposed introducing "a ruthless but sentimental older Kang who is brutally murdered by a psychotic younger variant" who takes over as the new big bad. This aligns with rumors that John David Washington might replace Majors as Kang. Insider Daniel Richtman named John David Washington as a contender, along with earlier favorite Colman Domingo. Fan speculation about John Boyega as Kang has also emerged, although he has communicated doubts about taking on the part.

Perhaps the best path forward is adapting the story to bridge from Kang to another villain like Doom without totally abandoning what came before. This honors the investment fans made in the character while opening new story directions. Recasting also remains an option, but the Avengers 5 writing must handle it in a way that flows logically from where the story currently stands. With care and creativity, Marvel Studios can craft a new vision that retains the thrills and integrity audiences expect.

By marcela Diay

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