A few weeks before the launch of Tekken 8, Bandai Namco reveals the game’s first DLC character, who is a classic fighter from the franchise.


Tekken 8's DLC character is Eddy Gordo, a returning fighter known for his Capoeira martial arts style.

The base roster of Tekken 8 includes a mix of new and returning fighters, with popular newcomers like Azucena and Victor Chevalier.

The game will feature 32 unique fighters with their own fighting styles, including iconic characters like Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama.

With less than two weeks before Tekken 8's launch, Bandai Namco revealed its first DLC character, a returning Eddy Gordo. Tekken 8's base roster has a healthy mix of newcomers and returning fighters from across its history. Some of Tekken 8's new characters have been fairly popular thanks to their stylish looks or unique fighting styles. These include the series' first Peruvian fighter, Azucena, a weapon-wielding Frenchman named Victor Chevalier, and a mysterious illegitimate member of the Mishima bloodline, Reina.

Tekken 8 will also have a number of returning fighters, such as the infamous Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, who are pit against each other in what is supposedly their final bout. Other characters from various points in the franchise's history, like Alisa Bosconovitch, Leroy Smith, and even Jun Kazama are slated to be playable in Tekken 8. There are 32 fighters with unique fighting styles for players to try out in the base roster. Before the game's launch, Bandai Namco revealed Tekken 8's opening cinematic, along with its first season pass and DLC fighter.

This video was uploaded to Bandai Namco's YouTube channel, and it shows off several characters fighting alongside some of the possible story beats in Tekken 8. After the movie plays, Bandai Namco reveals the first season pass DLC character, with brief shots of the motion capture actor and early animation rigs doing a familiar idle stance. The trailer then briefly shows off that Eddy Gordo is back, who has been given a radical redesign for Tekken 8.

Eddy Gordo made his first appearance in Tekken 3, where he had entered the King of Iron Fist tournament to avenge his father's death. Ever since his debut, he's made an appearance in every single mainline Tekken game, being the series' resident Capoeira martial arts practioner, and retains this fighting style in Tekken 8. Many were happy to see that Eddy would be making another appearance, with some saying that a Tekken roster wouldn't be complete without him in it.

All Confirmed Tekken 8 Characters

Alisa Bosconovich

Asuka Kazama

Azucena Ortiz

Bryan Fury

Claudio Serafino

Devil Jin

Eddy Gordo [Season 1 Pass DLC]

Feng Wei



Jin Kazama

Jun Kazama

Kazuya Mishima



Lars Alexandersson

Lee Chaolan

Leo Kliesen

Leroy Smith


Ling Xiaoyu

Marshall Law

Nina Williams


Paul Phoenix



Sergei Dragunov


Steve Fox

Victor Chevalier



Before Eddy was officially confirmed, a leak had detailed possible DLC characters for Tekken 8. Eddy Gordo was among the fighters suggested for this first season pass, which was based on an alleged screenshot from the German PlayStation Network page. Other fighters in this Year 1 pass include Roger the Kangaroo, Xiao Meng, and Armor King. Bandai Namco's first season pass includes four fighters, so it's likely there was some merit to that leak. This should still be taken with a grain of salt until more official information is revealed by Bandai Namco. In the meantime, fans are celebrating that one of the franchise's classic fighters will be coming to Tekken 8.

Bandai Namco's Tekken 8 will be the franchise's debut entry on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and the fighting game is built in Unreal Engine 5. The story revolves around Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama's relationship.

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