Title: World of Warcraft Patch 10.2.5 Fix: Reclaiming Gilneas Questline Typo Resolution

Description: Discover the latest news from the World of Warcraft community as Patch 10.2.5 addresses a significant typo in the Reclaiming Gilneas questline. The Seeds of Renewal quest now undergoes a corrective update, resolving certain implications that were found troublesome. Stay updated with the latest fixes and improvements in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft has officially hotfixed a typo in the Reclaiming Gilneas questline where it erroneously referred to Calia Menethil as a queen. This concerning slip-up had many World of Warcraft fans confused and outraged about the controversial Forsaken character after her appearance in the side story.

Recently, World of Warcraft released Patch 10.2.5, Seeds of Renewal, which introduced several epilogues to Dragonflight as it begins to transition into The War Within. One of these storylines was called Reclaiming Gilneas and involved the Worgen retaking their home after having to abandon it in Cataclysm. Horde players become involved in this questline via a group of Forsaken led by Calia Menethil and Lilian Voss.

However, near the end of the World of Warcraft storyline, one of the Horde quests had a concerning typo many Forsaken players were not happy with. The objectives for the quest erroneously referred to Calia as “Queen Calia” – a title she does not hold, and that neither she nor Forsaken fans want her to use. WoW fan and Forsaken player Portergauge, who was one of the first to find this typo, was glad to discover World of Warcraft has since removed the title from the quest text in a recent hotfix.

Who Is Calia Menethil in World of Warcraft?

Calia Menethil is the older sister of Arthas Menethil, better known as the infamous Lich King. She was behind her brother in line for the throne of Lordaeron, and though she was promised to marry Deathwing during Warcraft 2 when he was impersonating an Alteraci noble and royal claimant named Daval Prestor, she never became a queen. She survived the destruction of Lordaeron but was later killed by Sylvanas before Battle for Azeroth, only to be raised as a Light-infused undead afterward. She eventually joined the Forsaken as a member of the Desolate Council in Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5.

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