In this SEO-compatible description, a player of the game Tears of the Kingdom encounters a unique bug when attempting to execute an item duplication glitch in the newest installment of the Zelda game series. Delve into the peculiar experience of the player encountering this glitch while exploring the captivating world of Tears of the Kingdom.

Although bugs aren't a regular occurrence in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one player has recently stumbled upon an unusual glitch that made an entire wagon disappear into thin air. The footage of this unusual issue later made the rounds online, demonstrating how Tears of the Kingdom is not entirely immune to these sorts of bugs that are typically associated with other open-world games.

That's not to say that the latest Zelda game is nothing short of a technical marvel; despite the fact that Tears of the Kingdom played it safe with the Switch hardware, it still managed to deliver a vast open world and an intricate physics system that was performant enough for the game to position the Ultrahand building ability as one of its central gameplay mechanics. The fact that Nintendo reportedly delayed the project by about a year with the sole purpose of refining it—as previously revealed by the series' long-time producer, Eiji Aonuma— ostensibly contributed to the fact that the game ended up boasting one of the most polished open worlds in recent memory.

Even so, Tears of the Kingdom is not entirely free of glitches and bugs. This was most recently confirmed by Reddit user ItsYaBoiAnimeGeno, who encountered a rather peculiar issue that caused an entire horse carriage to disappear while they were rotating the camera around Link. The gameplay clip of their unusual experience later emerged on the front page of the r/TearsOfTheKingdom subreddit, prompting multiple fans to joke about how the player clearly triggered Link's schizophrenia.

Disappearing Objects May Not Be a Problem on the Latest Tears of the Kingdom Version

What exactly caused the wagon to disappear into thin air is unclear. Regardless, it is possible that vanishing objects are no longer an issue on the latest version of the game, which wasn't the one that ItsYaBoiAnimeGeno was using. Evidence of this comes from the video itself, as the clip starts with the player attempting to perform an old item duplication glitch that was patched out of Tears of the Kingdom back in July 2023.

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