Supergirl DCU fan art shows what House of the Dragon actress Milly Alcock would look like as Kara Zor-El in James Gunn’s DC Universe.


Milly Alcock, known for her breakout performance in House of the Dragon, is reportedly being considered for the role of Supergirl in the upcoming DCU movie.

Fan art shows Alcock and two other contenders, Emilia Jones and Meg Donnelly, dressed as Supergirl, sparking debate among fans.

An Alcock-fronted Supergirl movie could align with James Gunn's vision for the DCU and bring the character back to the big screen better than ever.

The Supergirl DCU movie is reportedly testing House of the Dragon star Milly Alcock for the role of Kara Zor-El. Now, DCU fan art shows what Alcock and two other reported contenders for the role would look like as Superman's cousin in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

With the DC Universe undergoing major expansions and revamps, speculation over who could don Supergirl's red cape in upcoming film and TV projects is growing. Alcock has emerged as a frontrunner, with her name alongside Meg Donnelly and Emilia Jones. For those unfamiliar, Alcock is an Australian actress who recently had her big breakout in the HBO hit series House of the Dragon. Alcock's praised performance as the young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen has fast-tracked her path to stardom. Many DC fans believe the 22-year-old would be perfectly cast as Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin from the destroyed planet Krypton.

Alcock checks off many crucial boxes that would make her excellently suited to bring Supergirl to life in live-action. In response to Alcock's reported screen tests, digital artist 21XFOUR created artwork depicting the House of the Dragon actress in costume as Kara Zor-El. Additional and separate artwork created by Instagram user Vardy also shows that she strikingly resembles classic comic depictions of Kara with her bright blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes. Her age also aligns well with traditional portrayals of the character.

Vardy also included Jones and Donnelly similarly dressed as Supergirl. Jones attracted attention for her acclaimed performance in Best Picture winner CODA, while Donnelly is a Disney Channel star and has voiced Supergirl in recent animated DC projects. Both actresses look convincing as Kara Zor-El in the graphics, sparking debate amongst fans over who is best suited. James Gunn would have impressive options, each bringing unique strengths.

This development comes on the heels of Sasha Calle's recent portrayal of Supergirl in The Flash movie after years without a big-screen version of the beloved superhero. However, Calle's future as Supergirl is uncertain, and the unveiling of new candidates opens exciting possibilities for the character’s trajectory in the DCU. With Gunn now steering the franchise’s future vision as new projects enter development, an Alcock-fronted Supergirl movie could align brilliantly with his strategy. The selected candidate is expected to appear in separate DCU projects and headline her solo film, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

Supergirl has become an increasingly prominent character over recent years. The Supergirl series with Melissa Benoist in the titular role boosted her popularity markedly. The fan art encapsulates precisely why hopes are rising to see Alcock don that red cape. She has the acting range, rising star wattage, and inherent look that could launch the character back onto the big screen better than ever. There are likely many considerations at play regarding any Supergirl casting, but Alcock undeniably looks to be Supergirl's champion in waiting.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is in development at DC Studios.

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Source: 1XFOUR, Vardy/Instagram

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