Rumors are surging within the gaming industry as several trusted insiders indicate that the highly anticipated 2023 release, Starfield by Bethesda, might be heading to the popular gaming console, PlayStation 5. Stay updated on the latest developments surrounding this exciting news!

According to industry rumors from verified insiders, Starfield is due to launch on PlayStation 5 shortly after the "Shattered Space" expansion releases on Xbox and PC. Recent reports of Xbox games going multiplatform have stirred conversation among audiences, with Starfield serving as one of the biggest surprises to allegedly make the jump to PS5.

Sources suggest that Xbox may be planning to move all of its titles to other platforms, with Starfield being among the first to go multiplatform. Struggling hardware sales and a focus on Game Pass have played a part in Microsoft's redirection for its gaming division, and fans may see big changes coming sooner than anticipated.

Gaming news insiders have begun revealing Xbox's plan to push for multiplatform releases, noting Starfield and other Bethesda titles as key components of this new directive. First reported by XboxEra, multiple sources at Microsoft allege that Starfield will release for PS5 just after an upcoming DLC lands on Xbox and PC. The rumor mill is buzzing with an indication that Xbox is looking to make all of its titles multiplatform, suggesting that even big console exclusives like Starfield are not enough to keep Xbox competitive. The struggle to keep pace with Nintendo and PlayStation in the hardware market has supposedly pushed Microsoft to look at alternate revenue outlets, namely the potential profits of releasing Xbox games to consumers on other consoles. Some have suggested that an overreliance on Xbox Game Pass releases may have also contributed, though this remains speculation.

Starfield May Be Among the First of Many Xbox Titles to Go Multiplatform

Among the potential Xbox titles suggested to go multiplatform are Bethesda's Starfield and its upcoming Indiana Jones and The Great Circle. Other Xbox games rumored to end up on PS5 include Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and possibly even Halo Infinite. There is still no official word from Microsoft or Xbox regarding the rumors, though industry insiders suggest confirmation may be coming within the next month. The rumored new directive of Xbox to shift away from hardware and instead focus entirely on developing and distributing games has sparked mixed reactions from audiences. Some fear that Xbox consoles may be nearing an end, while others are excited about the possibility of getting Xbox games on PlayStation systems.

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