Stardew Valley fans eagerly anticipate the release of Update 1.6 as the game’s creator reveals exciting news about its launch. Stay informed as we delve into more details on the game’s release date, keeping you updated on this highly anticipated update.

The creator of Stardew Valley, Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone, has revealed how far along development on the highly-anticipated Update 1.6 is. While a release date was not given, the creator noted that development on the update is in its final stages, exciting many Stardew Valley fans.

The Stardew Valley community has known about Update 1.6 for a while, with the creator teasing new content through sometimes cryptic tweets. While Update 1.6 was supposed to be relatively small, the scope has grown over the past year, with ConcernedApe even deciding to take a break from working on Haunted Chocolatier to finish the new content coming to Stardew Valley. Some known things heading to the game in Update 1.6 include new items, festivals, dialogue, and eight-player multiplayer, and fans have been searching for clues about other potential additions. Recently, the developer gave players a better idea of when they can expect to play the new content.

In a post on Twitter, ConcernedApe talked about the upcoming Update 1.6 for Stardew Valley. According to the developer, he has finished adding new content to the game and is now in the “bug-fixing and polishing phase” of development. While it is unclear how long this phase will last, the tweet’s wording suggests this is the final part of development before Update 1.6 is released. Besides providing a development update, he thanked the community for its patience in waiting for the new content to be released, revealing the scope of the project had expanded from what he had originally anticipated.

ConcernedApe Answers Stardew Valley Fans' Questions

Unsurprisingly, this announcement from ConcernedApe has caused excitement in the Stardew Valley community, with the initial tweet from the creator already garnering over 84K likes in only several hours. Many fans asked follow-up questions about Update 1.6, with some wondering if it was still coming in 2024. Fortunately, ConcernedApe assuaged these fears by saying, “yes absolutely.” He also stated that he hoped to release the mobile version of the update as close as possible to the other versions, noting that dealing with that had been “a nightmare in the past.”

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