Title: Ahsoka Fan Photo Sparks Speculation on Ideal Replacement for Baylan Skoll in Star Wars

Description: A captivating Ahsoka fan photo has ignited fervent discussions among Star Wars enthusiasts, shedding light on a potential candidate who could flawlessly fill the shoes of Ray Stevenson as Baylan Skoll in the acclaimed series. Explore the details surrounding this fan-fueled speculation, as we delve into the perfect replacement possibilities for this pivotal character in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars fans are rooting for Liev Schreiber to take over the late Ray Stevenson's character, Baylan Skoll, in Ahsoka. Furthermore, a fan-made image shows why Schreiber is the perfect choice to play the role.

Stevenson debuted as the orange-lightsaber-wielding baddie in the premiere episode of Ahsoka. Baylan was integral to the first two episodes of Ahsoka, which set up the search for Grand Admiral Thrawn while laying the groundwork for a battle between him and Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka Tano. Stevenson was an effective villain but sadly passed away in May 2023 before the show aired, leaving fans brokenhearted because they wanted to see more of Baylan in the series. Fortunately, they found an actor who could pass as Stevenson to portray the ruthless mercenary in the same light.

One Star Wars fan (Jedi Warrior 117) took to Reddit and shared side-by-side photos of Stevenson and Schreiber. One snap featured Schreiber as Baylan, and there was an undeniable resemblance between him and the late actor. Aside from the striking similarities in their face, both actors share the same height and build. So, giving the role to Schreiber would not make a difference to the show, and that's a positive note given that Baylan, even if he's a Star Wars villain, has earned his own following due to his charisma and personality.

Several fans agreed that both actors looked the same. Aside from that, many approved of the suggestion because, just like Stevenson, Schreiber is a very talented actor and director. While he may be widely known for playing Wolverine nemesis Sabretooth, he has earned several awards for acting, including the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture in 2016 and the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play in 2005, to name a few. So, there's no question about his prowess at acting. Several fans shared how they loved Schreiber's acting talent, with one saying he saw him perform on Broadway and he was the best actor they had seen in person. Some netizens also pointed out that, aside from face, height, and build, Schreiber had the same voice and accent as Stevenson, which was very important for the character. One also noted that "Liev is more than someone who has the same physical features as Ray; he is an amazing actor."

There is no doubt that fans are right about Schreiber sharing Stevenson's physical appearance. Schreiber resembles Stevenson, suggesting he would be a good replacement because the audience would not need to familiarize themselves with a new face to recognize Baylan. Both gentlemen command the same aura and physical intimidation factor.

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