The Star Wars sequel trilogy received vintage VHS tape artwork from a nostalgic fan, making Daisy Ridley’s Rey saga feel right at home.


A fan recently created vintage-style VHS tapes of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, paying homage to the nostalgic format and artwork of the past.

The creator of the tapes meticulously replicated the old packaging, including worn corners and classic company logos, making them almost indistinguishable from actual vintage tapes.

The artwork on the covers features iconic characters and draws inspiration from classic ensemble movie posters and old sci-fi paperback designs, adding to the authenticity of the replicas.

The Star Wars sequels certainly get their fair share of criticism, but there are also plenty of fans out there, and one fan recently showed their appreciation for the trilogy by turning the modern movies into old-school VHS tapes.

Star Wars: A New Hope premiered on May 25th, 1977. Around the same time, JVC released their first VHS tape machines in Japan. While home video tapes weren't widely used until the 1980s, anyone who grew up in the '80s or '90s may likely have owned the original trilogy on VHS. Since then, these tapes have nearly gone extinct, but they can still be found thanks to collectors and fans with an appetite for nostalgia. Fan creations, like this MCU VHS tape, are helping to keep the VHS format alive.

In a recent post on Reddit, user u/sordoftheriver shared three of their VHS creations. At first glance, they might appear to be the OG trilogy or the controversial Star Wars prequel films, but the titles reveal the newer sequels in retro form. Inspired by old designs and other fan art, the creator of the VHS tapes claims they are in perfect working order, commenting, "Watched them already!" While u/sordoftheriver created the tapes and packaging, they did not create the cover artwork. "Art/posters were found on the internet," they clarified. "I don’t know who made them and don’t claim the poster designs as my own!"

While the origins of the artist(s) are still unknown, the recording, packaging, and creating of these tapes is no small feat, especially due to how convincing they are as vintage replicas. Even the corners of the slipcovers appear to have that familiar wear and tear that comes with owning a beloved home movie. The attention to detail is insane; from the old company logos, including the old Lucasfilm logo and the MPAA ratings, to the back-cover blurbs and movie stills, it's hard to believe they were made recently.

As for the artwork itself, The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker covers feature Daisy Ridley's protagonist, Rey, surrounded by the other characters, calling on classic ensemble movie posters. But The Last Jedi stands out as particularly unique, with its bold colors and minimalist design hearkening back to old sci-fi paperbacks. The tape's cover depicts Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker with Adam Driver's fan-favorite character Kylo Ren; their faces split down the middle with a lightsaber.

Whether you love the sequels or hate them, there's no denying the skill that went into creating these VHS tapes, and seeing them in this format may help any dissenters visualize the new Star Wars trilogy as a valid and important part of George Lucas' iconic canon.

The Star Wars sequel trilogy is streaming on Disney Plus.

Star Wars is a multimedia franchise created by George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd with the 1977 motion picture. The science fiction franchise follows the adventures of characters (both humanoid and alien) in outer space, including those who can wield a mystical power known as the Force. Since the release of the original trilogy movies, the franchise has expanded to include multiple films and branched out to other mediums like comics, video games, TV shows, theme park attractions, and more. The IP and Lucasfilm were sold to Disney in 2012.

Source: u/sordoftheriver/Reddit

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