Welcome to the world of Star Wars Outlaws, the much-anticipated upcoming video game title. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we dive into the latest insider scoop! According to a trusted source, this highly anticipated game is set to hit the market during the first half of 2024, with Ubisoft, the renowned game developer, eyeing a specific month in the spring season for its release.

With a release date just around the corner, Star Wars Outlaws is already generating buzz among fans and gaming enthusiasts alike. As an SEO-compatible description, this information is sure to pique the interest of users searching for updates on this game. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on Star Wars Outlaws, as we edge closer to its much-anticipated launch.

An established insider claimed that Star War Outlaws is aiming for a spring release date and revealed the specific month that Ubisoft is targeting. However, the insider also cautioned that Star Wars Outlaws' release date could change, given Ubisoft's past tendency of delaying games.

Last month, Disney posted a blog that highlighted 24 things for fans to look forward to in 2024. The blog had an entry for Star Wars Outlaws, which initially explained that fans can expect the game "late in 2024." However, a revision was quickly made to the Star Wars Outlaws section that changed the wording to say the game would "release in 2024." Some fans took this to mean that Star Wars Outlaws might launch sometime in the first three quarters of this year, and recently, an insider offered more credence to that theory.

Long-time insider Tom Henderson claimed that Star Wars Outlaws' release window is the first half of 2024, and Ubisoft is specifically targeting May as an ideal release month. However, fans might want to practice restraint before becoming excited, because Henderson reminded readers that Ubisoft is no stranger to delaying its releases. But his claimed release window for one of 2024's most anticipated games does line up with the odd revision to the previously mentioned Disney blog. Star Wars fans are understandably optimistic about Outlaws, especially after its narrative director recently shared some promising details.

Types of Environments Featured in Star Wars Outlaws

In December, Star Wars Outlaws' narrative director revealed that the game will focus on three types of settings: cities, large open-world areas, and space. From the main character's ship in space, players will be able to travel the galaxy at will and take part in various side quests, and can also engage in dogfights. In the Outer Rim, users will have a different standing with each criminal leader, including Jabba the Hutt, based on their actions.

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