A recently published patent by Sony reveals an in-development software that would allow players to have an easier way of checking a game’s controls.


Sony is developing new software to help players learn and memorize a game's control scheme by pinning a list of controls on the gameplay screen.

Recent patent filings from Sony also show its intention to assist new and returning players with features that reduce learning curves.

While there is no guarantee this software will be implemented, players may benefit from having a secondary display of controls on screen without pausing the game.

A recently published patent reveals that Sony is currently developing a new software that would allow players to pin a list of controls on their gameplay screen so that they can more easily learn and memorize a game's control scheme. Sony has filed a number of patents recently, many of which focus on unique software features. Whether this control pin software will reach fruition remains to be seen, but it may be of interest to PlayStation fans.

One of the top gaming companies, Sony was originally founded as an electronics and technology corporation before entering the video game industry with the PlayStation console and brand. The company has since become one of the most prominent faces of gaming, with multiple iconic franchises and technological accomplishments.

According to a patent first filed by Sony in June 2023, the company is working on software that would allow players to pin a list of controls to their screen during gameplay. This would give players a secondary display on screen while playing, making it easier to check the controls. Other recent Sony patent filings have revealed software that intends to assist new and returning players with features that aim to reduce learning curves. With this new control pin software, players would no longer need to pause the game and open a menu to check which buttons to press. Instead, they could pin the controls on screen and then remove this secondary display once they are comfortable with the gameplay. However, it is key to note that companies frequently file patents that are never used, so there is no guarantee this software will be implemented.

Sony Control Pin Software Patent Details

Figure 6 from the Sony patent gives an example of what this control pin software would look like. The main gameplay screen would be displayed as usual, with a side panel showing the controls. Players who find themselves frequently opening the menu to check a game's controls could benefit from this software, as it would reduce the need to pause the game whenever they need to confirm a button input. While the secondary display may impact immersion, this control pinning would be completely optional, so it could be beneficial for some while not impeding others. Multiple Sony patents have revealed exciting developments, such as the rumored PS5 Pro console and now this new control pin software. Again, though, only official announcements from Sony can confirm if these unique features will actually be made available to consumers.

Sony continues to work on both hardware and software projects that many fans may find intriguing, though players should always take patent publications with a grain of salt. The company has filed dozens of patents in recent years, ranging from potential hardware features to eye-tracking software for VR games, with most of these projects as-yet not introduced to users. Until an official confirmation is shared by Sony, it will remain to be seen if this control pin software is ever implemented.

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